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10 CrossFit Gears You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

CrossFit is a robust and tough workout that produces results. No wonder why it’s so popular around the world. However, the best CrossFit gears can make the experience even better!

While CrossFit can increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat, it’s also one of the most motivating exercise programs. According to a review study published in Sports Medicine-Open, CrossFit workouts give participants a sense of community and a lot of motivation.

Since it’s a demanding workout, you need all the support you can use in terms of the gear you use. Small things can make a big difference and give you the ability to perform your absolute best. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

The 10 Best CrossFit Gears

The goal behind CrossFit is not merely gaining muscles; it’s about becoming the fittest person in the room. Here’s what you can use to make that journey easier:

1. Deep-tissue Massager Gun

CrossFit will use every muscle of your body and work it well. At the end of a CrossFit session, you’ll feel the effect in your muscles. This means that muscle soreness is common with a tough workout like CrossFit.

A deep-tissue massager gun can give instant relief from soreness and pain. Muscles obviously take their time to recover and heal, but it doesn’t mean you have to let the soreness affect your daily life. If massager guns are good for muscle pain, it’s also good for muscle building! Trusted by experts, muscle recovery therapy will enhance your performance and strengthen your muscles.

The ExoGun Dreampro is a promising solution to your muscle soreness problem. This device is a complete muscle recovery therapy that you can use in getting instant relief. It’s a portable device that you can even carry with you to your CrossFit gym.

It employs percussion therapy, which basically goes deep into the muscle tissue. The vibration and pulses from the rotating head boost circulation in the muscles. As a result, you feel instantly better, and the soreness almost goes away.

ExoGun is a must-have as it’s one of the best muscle soreness tools. It can have you grinding in the gym in no time.

2- Wrist Wraps

The heavyweights you’re going to be lifting can take a toll on your wrists. Wrist Wraps will not only protect your wrists from the impact but also give you a wide range of motions. That allows you to challenge yourself with the weights.

You’ll see wrist wraps on almost every CrossFitter because they simply work great. For instance, in the Olympic Lifts, these can enhance the snatch and jerk action that typically require a lot of wrist movements. There are many such moves that can benefit from well-supported wrists.

When choosing the wrist wraps, the material is an important consideration. Cotton is a great material for wrist wraps as it’s breathable, and also has ample weight to support the wrists. The elastic wraps usually feature a thumb strap that keeps them in their place.

TuffWraps is a reliable brand that produces some of the best wrist bands at reasonable prices. Their powerlifting Wrist Wraps in the cotton variety are perfect for all those tough weightlifting exercises in CrossFit. These feature a Velcro closure, which gives way better fit than the ones with the thumb strap.

3- Knee Supports

Knee Supports not only provide support, but they also protect your knees and legs from injury. These essentially help keep the knees in position and tight. Almost all the exercises put some kind of impact on the knees, so it’s great for everyone.

The right pair of knee supports will provide compression to your knee joints. However, they shouldn’t hinder any movements, though. The material should be breathable, so the back of the knee doesn’t get sweaty.

One of the best brands producing knee supports is Rehband. The fact that they have a patented design goes to show that they really know their stuff. The design basically follows the contour of your legs, giving the best possible fit ever.

Of course, knee supports are very common, so you’ll find tons of options out there. However, some of these are medicinal purposes, like knee arthritis. You want to choose the ones specifically made for a workout, CrossFit, to be exact.

4- Weight Belt

A weight belt can improve your weightlifting game. If you’re someone who has trouble lifting heavier weights, a weight belt might just be the solution. It provides ample back support, so you can deflect even more weight on it.

It has a protective function as well, keeping your back in an optimal position and preventing any back injuries. Proper lumbar support is everything in CrossFit. These are especially great for whole-body exercises like deadlifts and squats.

The support of the weight belt shouldn’t interfere with comfort. As a general principle, any gear that makes you uncomfortable, will ruin your workout, rather than provide support. So the weight belt has to feel comfortable, be it in terms of the weight or the materials.

A good example of a quality, efficient, and most importantly, a comfortable weight belt is Valeo Performance Belt. The inside of the belt is a soft foam that’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sweat seeping in.

5- Olympic Lifting Shoes

Olympic lifting in CrossFit requires special shoes that provide support to the ankles and heel. For someone who is just starting out with CrossFit, the ankle and heel support is everything. It can help you stay in the right form as you squat with the heaviest weights you’ve ever lifted.

Traditional Olympic Lifting shoes that, well, Olympic lifters use, have a wooden sole in them. You can use such shoes during CrossFit, but then you’d have to change shoes if you’re going to do other exercises, for example, box jumps.

Now that Olympic Lifting is a thing of CrossFit too, shoe manufacturers have gone on to use plastic soles instead of wooden ones. However, they still provide the same kind of support, albeit with a bit more flexibility. You don’t have to change out of these shoes during your workout.

You have so many choices with Olympic lifting shoes for CrossFit, but the one that truly stands out from the crowd is Adidas AdiPower. These shoes manage to combine the two most important things: support and fit. With both laces and a Velcro strap, it provides the best fit you can imagine.

The TORISON System takes care of the midsole, while the overlay provides even more support to the heel. That’s an ideal setting for weightlifting, keeping your foot grounded at all times. Plus, the look of it is simply a killer.

6- Weighted Vest

A weighted vest is not an essential gear, but one that can dramatically improve your endurance. The added pounds around your chest add more weight to your back and consequently require you to work double the strength you would usually use.

Most weighted vests come with a variety of weights, so you can customize these to your liking. Gradually, you can work your way up to workout with the heaviest weights. You’ll feel your heartbeat rising in just seconds.

Weighted vests are not just popular for running or doing CrossFit, even sportsmen and women have joined the bandwagon. The extra weight also puts extra strain on muscles, while all the cardio leads to faster fat loss.

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest has a minimalistic shape and is good for both men and women. You have wide adjustability of weights, starting off with just four pounds and going as high as 30 pounds. The vest is made of neoprene, one of the best materials to use in fitness gear.

Another reason why this particular weighted vest is great is the fit. You can adjust it with the front belt, and it just won’t move. This is important for keeping your balance, as even a slight shift to left or right can disturb your workout.

7- Bands

Bands can add more mobility to your workouts. You can also use these at home to get the same effect as working out with dumbbells.

Again, this is something you’ll probably find at your gym already. However, it’s super cheap, and you should buy your own, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. These come in three types: soft, medium, and hard.

The soft is more elastic, whereas the hard is the least elastic. So the hard one offers the most resistance. The difference is not very significant, so you can use any that you’re personally comfortable with.

The band also comes in handy when the gym is super busy, and no weights are available. You can simply use the band as an alternative.

There are multiple types of bands that have a slightly different effect and technique. However, you can purchase them separately or buy a pack. The Chareada Resistance Band Pack has several bands with different resistance levels.

These bands come with all the accessories you need to use them. You can get a complete CrossFit style workout at home using these bands.

8- Speed Rope

The speed rope is a little different from the traditional jumping rope. It packs a bit more kick in terms of speed and flexibility. As a result, your jumping gets even better.

These are especially great with the double-under. Even though you might be provided with a speed rope, you can always bring your own. After all, it’s a cheap fitness gear that wouldn’t set you back more than 20 bucks.

If there’s one speed rope that qualifies as the best, it’s WOD Nation’s Speed Jump Rope. It’s the best because it gives consistency in movements. So there are no breaks or tangling while jumping rope.

You can customize the rope using normal wire cutters at home. The grip is fantastic as it sits comfortably in your fists. This is a steel cable rope that you should use on a smooth surface only.

9- Athletic Tape

Athletic tape can be the first line of defense for your hands. Some exercises, like pull-ups and weightlifting, can lead to calluses. Athletic tape can prevent those.

Calluses are not harmful, but it isn’t great either. Sometimes it can lead to infections. Don’t be like those lifters who think having calluses is a sign of hard workouts.

This tape can be particularly helpful for newbies, who may find it hard to adjust their grip. Rather than struggling and ruining your palms, you can carry a roll of athletic tape and do your hands a favor.

If you’re doing some hook gripping, you can simply tape your thumb. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to tape your entire hand to avoid any nasty cuts.

The Goat Tape Scary Sticky Athletic Tape is a highly adhesive and latex-free athletic tape. It comes in so many colors and styles, so you can find something that suits your personality. Plus, it’s made in the USA, so it has a super high-quality.

10- Foam Roller

Foam rollers are an experience every CrossFitter should have. The movements and the pain that comes with it is everything you need. It’s specifically great for enhancing mobility and getting rid of knots.

These come in two sizes: half size and full size. You may want to start with half size, and you’ll only find this in a CrossFit box. You might not find it in other gyms, so best to have your own.

This is something you can use outside your exercise time, like when watching TV or weighing for your lasagna to bake. You’ll feel your muscles and joints recovering after a tough workout.

Foam rollers are pretty simple, so there’s not much going on in terms of features. AmazonBasics has a lightweight foam roller that actually comes in four sizes and many different colors. It’s made of molded propylene, so it’s quite soft.

It would last long as the propylene takes back its shape, no matter how much you use it and how much you weigh. This is an affordable and cheap CrossFit gear to have in your home and gym.

Crossfit FAQ:

Why Do I Need CrossFit Gear?

Just how the army has its uniform that provides functionality during combat and represents their army distinction, your workout gear is both for functionality and symbolism.

Every type of gear helps in its own way. While the weight belt will allow you to lift more and strain your muscles, the massager gun will help you recover. So in a way, all these gears and equipment complement each other.

Do I Need All the Gear?

Not every type of CrossFit gear is an absolute necessity. You can do without many of these. However, they have the potential to improve the WOD, so it’s worth getting as many as you can.

It also depends on what you struggle with at the gym or box. For instance, if you have trouble lifting, you should get wrist bands and knee bands.

Can You Do CrossFit without CrossFit Shoes?

Yes, you don’t necessarily need CrossFit shoes to do CrossFit. However, if you do, you can really improve performance. Since these are designed keeping in mind CrossFit exercises, these provide the comfort and support you need for virtually all exercises.

The basic difference is the sole, as it’s flatter. So you would want shoes that are at least slightly flat. Most top shoes brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Under Armour produce CrossFit shoes, so there’s an abundance of designs and prices.

Even if you’re using some other shoes, make sure they are comfortable and fit well. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can seriously kill your CrossFit vibe.

Will My Local Gym Have All the CrossFit Equipment I Need?

It depends on the gym you go to, but almost all gyms have all the essential equipment to start CrossFit. However, it wouldn’t be like a CrossFit box, which is equipped with everything CrossFit is about. You can try all WODs because availability of equipment or gear would not be a problem.

You need an Olympic weight set, pull-up bar, kettlebells, medicine balls, and woodboxes. Almost all of the gyms have most of these equipment. It’s a good idea to check out in advance what equipment they have before joining.

As for personal gear, that you can buy for yourself as gyms usually don’t provide that. Again, it depends on the gym you go to and the kind of membership you have. That said, it’s best to have your own gear going into the gym.


CrossFit can be a very rewarding experience. Since 2000, when it first came around, it has changed the lives of many. It’s definitely not a fad, or else, it would not have lasted so long.

The gear you use in the box, gym, or your home can significantly improve results. So think of it as an investment in your body and achieving your fitness goals. The good thing about these CrossFit gears is, many of them are super affordable, so you should not even think twice about the money.