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ExoGun - Percussive Therapy

Exogun Wrap - Out Of Stock

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Exogun Wrap is our pneumatic compression system designed to help your legs and body relax, invigorate, and recover faster.

Whether you're just on your feet all day, coming back from an intense leg day, or just busy running errands or chores, the Exogun Wrap loosens up tight spots and repairs unavoidable the damage your feet, knees, and ankles take on all day.

By combining our proprietary negative pressure air compression massage system and heating systems, the Exogun Wrap improves circulation, which helps reduce soreness and fatigue by flushing out metabolic wastes and bringing in oxygenated blood to your legs.

Our proprietary system uses negative pressure technologies to safely pressurize while sensing for potentially uncomfortable uneven pressure peaks and valleys. With its pin-point precise sensors, the Exogun Wrap will detect an optimally even and full inflation to ensure maximum comfort and recovery.

Our 18-point precise  control allows you to customize your treatment by adjusting the pressure, massage styles, and heating levels to fit your needs, workout, and compression tolerance.

  • 18-point adjustable pressure, massage modes, and heating levels
  • Negative air pressure compression massage system
  • Heated functions built in
  • Easy-to-clean antimicrobial surface
  • Ankle and knee mobility zones
  • 3 independent sections air compression zones for each leg for customized recovery
  • Lightweight and packable