5 Easy But Impactful Work Out Arms You Can Do At Home

5 Easy But Impactful Work Out Arms You Can Do At Home

Toned arms look lovely, especially when you're rocking your favorite sleeveless top. You might think that you need weights or an expensive gym membership to achieve toned arms, but that's not the case at all. 

Instead, with the help of simple yet impactful exercises, you can achieve excellent results. For instance, instead of using weights, you can use substitutes like water bottles and even heavy books. 

You don't even have to worry about gym anxiety since you can do these exercises in the comfort of your own home. This article will discuss ways to achieve workout arms at home and recover after working out.

Work Out Arms At Home

Most arm exercises that don't require weights also focus on other muscles, like your core muscles. When you perform these exercises, you're not only toning your arms but also strengthening your core at the same time. 

Some people may not have the strength to lift heavy weights, and lifting such heavy things may even cause injuries. Luckily most of these exercises don't require you to lift anything and target multiple muscle groups in your arms. 

You will be focusing on the biceps and muscles like your shoulders, back, deltoids, and triceps. You can incorporate these exercises into your daily workout routine.

Increase the number of sets you do as you start building more strength. You will see fantastic results in your arms and gain strength too. Always make sure that you have proper form when performing exercises, so you avoid injuring yourself.

Not having proper form can lead to pulled muscles, which can be uncomfortable to deal with. 

Here are the best workout arms to do at home, so grab your yoga mat, and let's get started!

Tricep Dips

Performing tricep dips can help you burn arm fat and are also a great way to build upper body strength. This exercise targets your triceps and is relatively simple to do. You don't require any weights for this exercise, but you will need a chair or a surface that you can hold onto.

There are a few variations of this exercise, so you can either do a standing dip or a lower version. 

If you choose to do a standing dip, you'll need to stand in front of whichever surface you'll use and grip the edge. Again, make sure your heels are flat on the floor and legs shoulder-width apart.

Keeping your posture straight, go down into a squat, keeping your elbows bent. Then, come back up and repeat. 

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This variation of the tricep dip is excellent because it works out your arms and legs simultaneously.

With the other variation, you'll want to grab the edge of a chair and, instead of squatting, lower yourself to the floor while keeping your elbows bent at an angle. Once you do a few reps, you'll start to feel the burn in your arms and your legs as well.

This exercise helps strengthen your arms so that you find it easier to do everyday things like lifting grocery bags. 

Avoid squatting too low when you perform this exercise because it might end up putting a strain on your back. Also, make sure your posture is correct, or you may end up hurting your back. However, this exercise is super easy to perform and will give you the best results.


Push-ups are a common exercise that helps you target your shoulder, pectoral and back muscles. Not only are they great for building upper body strength, but you also strengthen your core by doing them. In addition, they are easy to perform and have many variations if you have trouble doing a standard push-up.

To do a standard push-up, you'll need a yoga mat. Next, get into a regular plank position, with your hands flat on the ground and lined with your shoulders. Make sure your back is straight, and your entire body rests in a straight line. 

Then you will lower your body using your shoulder and arm strength. You then raise yourself back into a plank position and repeat. Again, push-ups are effective when it comes to getting toned arms.

If you find standard push-ups hard to do, you can always try to do incline push-ups instead. These require you to elevate your body using a surface like a bench or even a wall. You then perform a push-up as you usually would, but your body is elevated instead of being on the ground.

This makes the exercise easier to perform since there's not any excessive strain on your arms. 

Side Plank

If you've done planks before, you know that you'll feel the burn while doing these. Side planks target both your arms and your core. Since you're resting your entire weight on your arm, this exercise effectively tones up the muscles.

Start by laying on your side on your yoga mat, and then gently lift yourself using your hand, extending your legs. You should line your arm with your shoulder and your legs on top of each other. As you use your hips to list your body off the ground, extend your other hand towards the ceiling.

Make sure you keep your core muscles tight when you lift into a plank position. 

Arm Circles

This is perhaps the easiest exercise you can do, which will help you burn away any arm flab. Stand straight, keep your posture correct and extend your arms out on either side. Then you'll start rotating your arms in a circle and keep repeating.

First, do a few sets, rotating them clockwise, and then switch it up to anti-clockwise. It's a simple exercise, but after a few sets, you'll feel the burn.

Body Saw

Another simple exercise which is really practical and helps you gain upper body strength. To perform a body saw, you'll get down on your yoga mat in a plank position, resting on your forearms. Again, make sure you keep your core tight and your posture aligned. 

Then you'll start to rock back and forth with the help of your forearms and toes. Your posture needs to stay correct, and your core needs to stay tight while you rock back and forth. This exercise is a great way to get toned arms and abs.

How To Recover After Arm Workout

Working out your arms can leave you feeling sore, especially if you're a beginner. This may make it hard to carry out your usual daily tasks. Luckily there are many ways to beat soreness after working out. 

Here are just some ways in which you can recover after a workout session.

Use A Massage Gun

Using workout recovery tools can be super helpful when trying to beat soreness. One of the most practical and high-quality massage guns you can get is the exogun. It will help you speed up your recovery and is a great way to increase blood circulation around your joints.

The Exogun has six different speeds and four attachments, which you can customize according to your preference. With a powerful massage motor that can run for hours, you can massage away all the knots from your body.

You'll get the perfect deep muscle massage experience with the Exogun—definitely one of the workout recovery tools you'll want to buy.

Take A Hot Bath

Baths are a great way to recover sore muscles, especially if you add soothing essential oils. Run yourself a hot bath and add in a few drops of lavender oil, and feel the tension melt away from your muscles. The hot water will soothe sore muscles and aching joints as well.

On the plus side, you'll also feel less stressed out after soaking in a relaxing bath. Epsom salts are another great way to relax your sore muscles. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of recovering after a workout session. If you don't get enough sleep, you'll find that you still feel sore. Your body recovers while you're asleep, which is why it's essential to get a good night's rest after you work out your arms.

Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep after an intense exercise session. This will not only help your muscles heal but will also boost your performance. 

Take Days Off

You may be tempted to do an intense workout session every day, but this is a terrible idea. Your body needs time to rest and heal, so make sure you take a few days to cool down. Then, if you've been doing high-impact workout sessions, you can do lighter exercises the next day.

This will help your muscles get time to recover and heal faster. On days where you are resting, you can do some cardio or low-impact exercises.

Final Words

Sexy-toned arms can make any outfit look fabulous on you, and luckily you can achieve them by doing these simple exercises. You don't have to worry about any heavy lifting and can achieve fantastic workout arms at home. 

We hope this article answered all your questions about working out your arms at home and how to recover after exercising.

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