7 Most Easy-to-use Neck Massage Devices of 2021

7 Most Easy-to-use Neck Massage Devices of 2021

We live in a digital, fast-paced era where most of us spend almost half our day on our laptops. That’s why most of us often complain about body aches, especially around the shoulder and neck area.

Lucky for you, this article discusses the 7 most convenient and reliable neck massage devices and therapy guns.

Unfortunately, none of us have enough time to visit spas for relaxing massages. We need quick solutions to our daily problems. That’s why it’s better to read the article and invest in buying a therapy gun for you and your family to get rid of neck pains.

Best Massage Devices of 2021 Review

Exogun DreamPro

The Exogun DreamPro offers percussion therapy, also known as vibration therapy. It’s essentially a massage process specially designed to enhance muscle function and, of course, recovery time.

The all-rounder Exogun DreamPro applies a series of timed, concentrated pulsating strokes to press the muscle tissues deeply. As a result, the therapy increases blood flow, reduces soreness, and increases range of motion in addition to alleviating muscle pain.

The reason behind Exogun DreamPro being our top-rated therapy gun is its versatile use and portability. It means you can use it to massage different sore muscle tissues and joints of your body.

The Exogun DreamPro resembles the shape of a gun, offering you a non-slip grip handle. Moreover, the highly efficient motor is capable of delivering 1,200 to 3,200 strokes per minute, which is enormous.


You can apply different pressures to influence therapy intensity. However, you shouldn’t increase the external pressure by more than 60 pounds, as it’s the maximum limit Exogun DreamPro can withstand.

This dynamic therapy gun comes with four attachments, a carrying case, a charger, and six-speed settings. The most commonly used head attachment is a sphere-shaped massager designed for medium and large muscle groups for percussion therapy. On the other hand, the flat head offers denser massage to pecs and glutes.

Furthermore, you can use the bullet head-onplug in trigger points or muscle knots. It’s a great head attachment if you want to focus therapy on a particular area, such as shoulder and ligament attachment points.

Lastly, the fork attachment comes with a dual-prolonged head to work specifically on the sensitive muscles attached to the spine and calf muscles.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Four head attachments
  • Six-speed settings
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Portable


  • Absence of dedicated ON/OFF button
  • Flimsy carrying case

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

The RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager comes with a powerful motor, perfect for deep tissue massaging of muscles, legs, and back. The best thing about this hand-held massager is its battery time of 140 minutes on a full charge.

Based in California, USA, RENPHO is a well-reputed company, designing health products since 2015.

The high-torque motor ensures 3600 pulses a minute, offering deep kneading to relieve sore muscles. It comes with three massage modes that you can select from the available buttons. Not only that, but you can choose any of the three intensity levels to either enhance or reduce the PPM.

This full-body massager comes with five types of massage attachments to repair muscle tissues of your different body parts. For instance, you can use the round-ball head for deep-tissue massaging of your shoulder and back area.

In addition to that, you can use the one-point head to massage your arms or legs, while the three-points head is perfect for reducing joint pain in areas such as ankles, shoulder, and knees. If you want to cover a bigger muscle area, you can easily use a three-intensive head.

The good news is the RENPHO offers a warranty of one year, ensuring a safe investment.


  • Deep-tissue massaging
  • Automatic shut off after 20 minutes
  • Portable
  • Cordless design
  • Five interchangeable head attachments
  • Five-speed and strength modes


  • Plastic heads remain cold
  • You can’t use it while charging

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Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

As the name indicates, the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat ensures deep-kneading massage to alleviate sore muscle pain. Moreover, it’s incredibly effective in facilitating muscle recovery after extraneous HIIT sessions.

The cordless feature gives you sufficient freedom of movement so that you don’t have to worry about plugging or cord length. Moreover, the unique shape allows you to place it comfortably around the neck, while the handles allow you to adjust the external pressure.

However, you can’t use the massager while lying down. Since you need to control the pressure, you can only use the massager while standing or sitting straight without any back support. 

Furthermore, you can’t multitask while using this Shiatsu massager because you need to control the handles with your hands, else it can slip off the neck, hurting your back.

The Brookstone Cordless massager provides the healing heat that radiates from the neck pillow to relax the muscles by alleviating the tension. You can find eight deep-kneading nodes over the massager surface. These independent nodes look similar to smaller balls that turn in a circular motion to massage your neck.

You must know that Shiatsu is an ancient Chinese methodology to relieve the blockages of energy flow within the body. The ultimate goal is to improve muscle recovery and circulation.

Furthermore, this multi-purpose massager comes with two massage modes - one-directional and auto-reverse mode. The auto-reverse mode automatically changes its massage course each minute by switching the direction of nodes.

You should know that the Brookstone Shiatsu massager takes around five minutes to heat up. However, on the downside, you can use the heat function for 20 minutes at one time, which may not be sufficient for certain people.


  • Deep kneading technology
  • Rolling massage nodes
  • Three levels of intensity
  • Selectable heat levels
  • Two selectable massage modes


  • Expensive
  • Not-so-good battery life

Papillon Back Massager with Heat

The Papillon Back Massager with Heat features a small pillow of 11.81 x 3.94 x 7.09 inches dimensions. Moreover, this shiatsu back massager comes with a mesh-type fabric containing two rotating balls, also known as the nodes. The nodes move in a circular motion to offer massage to your neck, back, foot, and shoulders.

You can find two orange buttons on the corner of this massage pillow. One is the primary power switch to ON and OFF the massager. Additionally, you can also control the infrared option and the nodes’ direction with the help of the same button.

However, the second button allows you to select any of the available three-speed levels. When you first click the power button of the massager, it automatically selects the highest speed with the infrared activated. However, when you click the button the second time, it reverses the node rotation direction.

The good news is that the Papillon back massager automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating. Lastly, when you can turn off the infrared option while the node rotation continues. You can shut off the massager with the fourth click.

This hand-held massager not only treats your deep tissues but also reduces lumbar pain. The nodes rotate on both sides of the spine and not on the center.


  • Multifunction Shiatsu massage pillow
  • 3D massage nodes
  • Comes with an overheat protection device
  • 15 minutes auto shut-off
  • Three adjustable speeds


  • Basic functionality

HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

The HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat relaxes muscle tension, especially from the upper back. The best thing about this massager is its practical size and portability, allowing you to carry it in a carrying case while traveling conveniently.

This dynamic neck and shoulder massager comes with two small and two large nodes to ensure effective massage. It depends on you to set the direction of the nodes depending upon your preference.

Moreover, you can select any of the three-speed rotating levels. You can also program the nodes to rotate in or out to personalize your massaging experience.

When you turn on the heating feature, you can see the massage nodes illuminating. When the massager initially starts, the nodes automatically start with an inward rotating motion. However, you can reverse the movement using the reverse button.

The HoMedics Shiatsu massager ensures your safety and protection, courtesy of the 15 minutes auto shut-off feature, to prevent overheating. Furthermore, all the controls are integrated within the cushion to ensure its stylish look.

This reliable massager comes with a warranty of two years to ensure a long-term investment. With a weight of around 3.65 pounds, this massager uses a cord to massage, meaning it isn’t cordless, and you have to plug-in power to operate it.


  • Lightweight
  • 15 minutes auto shut-off feature
  • Thera-P vibrator
  • Includes plush, soft cushion
  • Four massage nodes
  • Customizable deep-kneading


  • Not cordless

Theragun PRO 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

The Theragun PRO 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Massage Gun comes with a brushless QX150 motor, featuring QueitForce technology to treat sore muscles without making any noise. Not only that, but it comes with an adjustable arm and replaceable batteries.

The Theragun Pro comes with an amplitude of 16 mm with 60 pounds of stall force, which is incredible. It means you can apply enormous external pressure to massage your deep tissues.

The adjustable arm of this versatile massager allows you to use it in four different positions to treat other muscles of your body. Not only that, but you maintain a firm grip while holding this lightweight therapy gun.

You can also swap the positions with just a click of a button to target the core muscles of your back, calves, and forearms. Each of the swappable batteries lasts for 150 minutes, giving you a total of 300 minutes of massage time.

This durable therapy gun comes with a warranty of two years to ensure a long-term, safe investment.

Theragun Pro is highly recommended for athletics. It’s because of the smart app integration that allows you to connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth to personalize your wellness routine.


  • Quiet operations
  • Powerful brushless QX150 motor
  • 300 minutes battery time
  • Comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Customizable speed range
  • Connects to a smart app via Bluetooth


  • Expensive
  • Not great customer service

FITPULSE Muscle Massage Gun

The FITPULSE Muscle Massage Gun comes with a LED screen that displays the speed level, allowing you to change the speed from 30 to 3200 RPMs.

Furthermore, the included 17 head attachments allow you to massage different muscles of your body. This portable massager comes with a storage case to ensure convenient transportation. Moreover, the carrying case comes with a padded lining to offer to cushion the items.

FITPULSE is a renowned brand, designing reliable products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The FITPULSE therapy gun comes with a brushless high-torque power to offer 30 adjustable speed levels. Not only that, but it comes with a 2500 mAh battery that lasts for around six hours. It means you can select the speed accordingly to relax your muscles after exercise or for regular massaging.

This powerful therapy gun offers a stall force of 40 pounds with a 12 mm stroke length. In addition to that, it features advanced noise reduction technology to keep the noise under 60db, even at the maximum speed level.

This sturdy massager gun comes with a warranty of one year to ensure a safe investment.


  • Includes 17 heads
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Comes with a noise-reduction feature
  • Includes 2550mah capacity battery
  • High-torque motor
  • Affordable


  • Recommended for beginners
  • Low stall force
  • Short stroke length


To sum up, therapy guns bring so much comfort in our lives. Not only that, they are effortless to operate.

All of the above message devices are reliable and easy-to-use; however, our editor’s recommendation goes to none other than ExoGun DreamPro.

The ExoGun DreamPro is one of the most high-performing percussion massaging devices that not only relieves muscle tension but also helps you to recover from extensive workouts quickly.

Not only that, but it’s an easy-to-carry therapy gun, including four headsets and six-speed settings, allowing you to personalize your massaging experience.