Exogun Early Black Friday Promotion, Don't Miss Up to 71% Discount Off Storewide!

Exogun Early Black Friday Promotion, Don't Miss Up to 71% Discount Off Storewide!

Do you suffer from sore muscles and chronic pain? Are you yearning for a goodnight’s sleep that your relentless body pain just won’t allow? Well, we’ve got just the tool for you. 

That’s right! The ExoGun is a portable massaging gun that relaxes your muscles and relieves tension instantly. You can use it wherever you want, whenever you want. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got a deal that you simply can’t miss! As an early Black Friday gift, we’re offering up to 71% off throughout the store. That means you can get the ExoGun at an even more affordable rate than it already was.

Exogun DreamPro

The Exogun Dream Pro is an original percussion therapy device that is used by professional athletes, weight trainers, and gym enthusiasts around the world. If you often experience muscle tension due to work or stress, ExoGun DreamPro may help you wean off the pain. 

Ergonomic Design

The percussion massage gun features seamless design and construction to cure deep muscle tension in a unique way.

The device is lightweight, portable, sleek, and has a long battery life, which makes it the best percussion massage gun in the market. Not only that, this device does not make any weird sounds to disturb your relaxation. 

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even at places that are relatively hard to reach. This means you would not require anyone else to help you massage out your muscle tension. 


It is a powerful device that relieves the knots and contractions in your muscle. The Exogun DreamPro exerts 1200-3200 percussions per minute, which provide rapid muscle recovery by deeply activating the cells. It has a 20-53 Hz vibration speed that efficiently increases blood flow and allows the muscle to recover. 


The device has six different speed settings that you can choose from depending upon the kind of injury or muscle tension. Moreover, you can use four different attachments to cater to different kinds of muscle pains and sore tissues. Users can try different massaging heads with different massaging speeds to find the perfect balance for them. 

Deep Massage

The machine has a 16mm stroke length which means you will have to hold it close to your skin for it to deeply massage the tension out of your tissues. People with chronic back pains, gym instructors, and athletes can easily carry the massaging gun in their bag because of its size and weight. 


The Exogun DreamPro retails for $599 but is currently on sale for $169, which means you save $430 dollars on this life-changing gadget. Getting your hands on Exogun DreamPRo at such a low price is nothing less than a steal!  

Exogun Pocket

The Exogun Pocket is a smaller version of the original massaging gun. Despite the size, the machine exerts the same pressure and provides instant relief from any muscle pain. For people who get sudden aches and muscle spasms, this device is a must-have. 

Best Features

It comes with four different speed levels that you can adjust according to your needs. The device weighs 1.09 lbs or 495 g which is as light as an ipad. You can carry it in your backpack, gym bag, or even a small purse because of its size and weight. 

This machine is ideal for avid travelers or patients with muscle problems. People who work a desk job can also benefit from this massage gun. You can easily fit it into the drawer of your work desk and massage your muscles whenever needed. 

The Massaging Power

It delivers 1500-3000 percussion per minute that is almost equal to the original version of this gun. The vibration speed of this portable massaging gun is 25-50 Hz which is also at par with the original version but for a fraction of a price. The gun comes with four different attachments for different kinds of muscle soreness. 

They are easy to attach and remove in between the massages. Each attachment provides a focused treatment for your muscles that allow them to heal quicker than any conventional massaging technique. 

No Disturbance

Even though the gadget is equipped with a high-power motor, it does not make any sound to disrupt your relaxation process. According to the brand, it makes 30% less noise than any other portable massaging gun. 


It has a 1500mAh battery that works continuously for 3 hours. Not only that, it comes with a fast charger that recharges the device within 2 hours, faster than other rechargeable massaging devices out there.


The Exogun Pocket comes with a price tag of $499 but is currently on sale for $95. You can get this portable massaging gun for less than $100, all thanks to this mega black Friday sale!  

Exogun Wrap

The Exogun Wrap is an advanced leg compression system that will keep your leg muscle free from any pain. It helps keep your muscles in a relaxed state, reduce swelling, and recover tissue damage. 

This device is ideal for athletes who practice running, workers who are on their legs all day, or people who have had a busy day running errands. It is made up of high-quality ripstop fabric with a velvet lining inside to provide ultimate comfort.

Exogun Wrap Technology

The structure of the Exogun Wrap fits the legs perfectly for both men and women. The negative air pressure technology of this leg wrap is paired with an effective heating system that reduces fatigues and swelling in your legs. 

It also improves the flow of oxygenated blood to your legs, which not only helps your legs relax but also enhances their appearance by getting rid of swelling and prominent veins. 

Flexibility & Portability

It has 18 adjustable pressure points that you can tune according to your requirements. The device also features different heating levels that you can adjust according to your preference and needs. 

You can wear this while watching tv, reading a book, or even while doing small house chores as it provides free knee and ankle movement. 

The Exogun Wrap is easy to pack and travel with because of its lightweight body. Your feet are constantly worked up, which is what makes this device a must for most adults. 

Natural Pain Relief

The compressing wrap comes with an AC adapter and an easy-to-follow manual. It promotes the release of endorphins which is a natural pain-killer our body produces. It has no side effects and comes with a one-year warranty to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. 


This leg compressor originally cost $299 but is on sale for $199, saving you 100 bucks on your purchase. 

Add Ons

There are a few add-ons that you can buy separately for your Exogun products. These accessories are used to improve the working of the gadget or protect them from any damage.  

Exogun Premium Carrying Case

The Exogun premium carrying case is designed to carry Exogun DreamPro massaging gun along with all its different components. It will protect all the parts of your Exogun massaging gun and make it easier for you to travel with it. 

The padded interior of the premium carrying case has specific sections engraved in it that hold the gadget in place. It prevents different parts from scratching against each other to protect the exterior. 

The case also has a pocket to hold extras like a balm or bandage to accelerate the healing process. Plus, its lightweight and easy-grip handle are a few things that many people would prefer. 

The sturdy zip of the carrier keeps the contents of the bag safe. The bag retails for $49, which is absolutely a steal for such quality material and practical design. 

Exogun Charger

The AC/DC adapter is used for Exogun DreamPro to instantly charge it. It is a great replacement for a Type A charger for your device. The Exogun charger supports 100-240V, which means it can easily be used in most parts of the world. 

It is the certified Exogun charger and we recommend using it with the Original Exogun gadgets to get the optimum results. All Exogun products come with a free charger, but if that stops working, this charger is the only one recommended to replace it with. 

It comes with a reasonable price tag of $20, which is quite less than most fast chargers available in the market. The prices of the Exogun accessories are very affordable and can be easily ordered online.  


To check out the whole product range of Exogun, head over to their website exogun.com. Fill up your carts with this life-changing massaging gadget along with the add-ons without spending a fortune. 

The ExoGun is a great way to revive muscles and release muscle tension on the go. That means you get a massage no matter where you are and what you’re doing! With the 20% discount, the ExoGun is practically a steal for anyone with tense muscles. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our website and change your life with this advanced massaging tool. This Early Black Friday deal is a once-a-year chance, so you better shop quickly!