How to Properly Use a Massage Gun on Your Body | Percussion Therapy

How to Properly Use a Massage Gun on Your Body | Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy also referred to as vibration therapy, is a well-rounded way to increase blood circulation and get you started for an intensive workout. 

The method of inducing pain on your muscles as therapy has been around for ages, the “good pain” that relieves you from pain and muscle tension, is a traditional method used in the modern world in various ways. 

The procedures are endless from Acupuncture, therapeutic touch or reiki healing, exercise, and physical therapy. Today, about all certified therapists and experts conduct these procedures. 

Athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, and all gym fanatics have to rely on their physiotherapists to get rid of muscle soreness. 

It is evident that there is no better alternative to therapists than a Best massage gun that does the job for you! 

Of course, this does not mean that you do not consult a physician at all; that is just as important. However, if you can now bring ease to your doorstep - all thanks to new technology - why not do that? 

Before we dive into how beneficial percussion therapy is and how it can help you relieve pain, let’s discuss what it actually is. 

What is Percussion Therapy? 

The methods of percussive therapy are designed to help relieve soft tissue soreness and pain. 

The percussive therapy is done through vibrations - the method is to send waves of intense and rapid pulses to treat muscle tension. 

It is so beneficial because it can specially target problem areas; the strong pulses penetrate deep into the muscle and lift off any soreness in there. 

What is a Body Massage Gun?

A body massage gun aids percussion therapy. It is a tool that fits right in your hand and relieves muscle pain through vibrations. 

Whether you are an active fitness enthusiast or work a 9 to 5 desk job, muscle stiffness and joint pain must be recurring problems for you. 

If you do not get much exercise, your muscles tend to stiffen, and as a result, you can have built-up tension in your tissues and joints. 

An extensive workout can result in a series of accidents like pulled or torn muscles and straining when it comes to athletes. 

A body massage gun is the easiest way to heal from this excruciating pain.  

How a Body Massage Gun Works

A common misconception is that a body massage gun only works to relieve pain. However, it is much more than that. 

The portable machine has many benefits and easily fits into your gym bag. It is lightweight, so you don’t have any issues carrying it around your gym or workout space. 

A body massager like Exogun uses percussion therapy but gives it a boost. The ultimate percussion stroke is scientifically designed to enhance performance and increase blood circulation. 

The body massage gun is powered by a motor that sends bursts of vibrations to your muscles to alleviate any pain. 

Exogun has an ergonomic grip with anti-slip material to disperse the right amount of percussion to the right places. 

The targeted accuracy is what makes this device an ultimate massager gun for percussion therapy. 

Adding to that, the massager gun comes with four massager heads, each built to provide laser-sharp accuracy and help treat different parts of your body. 

Our bodies have different cervixes and curves, and Exogun’s attachments can direct percussion therapy in any part of your body with ease. 

It Increases Blood Circulation 

The vibration or percussion strokes send a splurge of high-powered waves to your body. When this circulation happens, it increases blood flow and pumps blood faster. 

It has a similar effect as a warm-up exercise, but the only difference is that it does not even require you to stand up or move. Instead, the body massage gun does the job for you. 

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Helps With Muscle Recovery

From athletes like - Christiano Ronaldo to supermodels like Miranda Kerr, everyone is a fan of the newly hyped body massage gun. 

The reason for mentioning these celebs is not to add face value to the gun. Instead, it helps us to know why these celebrities use these products. It comes as no surprise that athletes like the one mentioned above go through extensive training to maintain healthy bodies. 

The massager gun helps speed up the process of muscle recovery and enhances performance. The advanced massager gun comes with six different speed settings that allow you to recover as comfortably as possible. 

The massager gun increases blood circulation, and increased blood circulation means you will heal faster, recover faster and get back to your routine even quicker. 

Helps Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

A massage is supposed to put you in a deep relaxation state and bring some peace to your life. The popularity of a relaxing massage is not something new, and a massager gun is a personal masseuse at home. 

Except you only have to pay for it once for total body relaxation; the effects of percussion strokes increase your range of motion and increase flexibility in your tissues. 

Using a massager gun pre or post-workout is highly effective in letting your body relax and heal. 

The massager puts you in a state of tranquillity which may help reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 

When to Use a Percussion Massager 

It is essential to follow some guidelines when using a body massage gun. Incorrect use of any device can lead to severe injuries, and instead of relieving pain, it can increase it. 

Here are some tips on how you can use a body massage gun for percussion therapy. 

Pre Workout Uses 

The six different speed settings in a massager like Exogun send controlled percussions to your body and targeted areas. The deep tissue massage is all you need before an intense workout. 

The massager can increase mobility and improve blood circulation, which helps you perform better and enhance muscle’s range of motion. 

As a result, you can exercise, increase reps and sets, and increase your ability to perform physical tasks much better than when you do exercises without using a massager gun. 

For example, if you have a leg day, you can use the massager gun on your quads, hamstring, lower back, and each calf individually. Combine that with dynamic stretching, and you have the perfect pre-workout warm-up routine. 

Post-Workout Uses 

The most obvious and common use of a massager gun is post-workout. If you seek one tool that can remove all the muscle soreness after a workout, a massager gun is just what you need. 

A body massage gun helps relieve pain and muscle soreness most effectively. You can use different attachments for better relief. 

Targeted massager heads like the square spinal head are most effective to treat your back and heal your muscles. 

The precision speed of 1200 to 3200 percussions per minute instantly relieves pain and speedily recovers muscle tension. 

When You Just Need to Relax

More than anything, a massager gun is the best tool to lift off any pressures and stress from your tissues. The good thing about a massager gun is that it is not meant for active people only. 

If you work a strenuous desk job, tension can build up in your muscles, especially your lower back and neck, just like it relieves tension in an active person’s body, both mental and physical. But, of course, it can do the same for a desk job worker or anyone in general. 

After a long day of work, just turn the massager gun on and enjoy a full-body relaxation massage. 

When Not to Use a Massager Gun 

A body massage gun is most definitely safe to use; however, there are some precautions. Here are a few reasons why and when you should avoid using a massager gun. 

During an Injury

If you have just suffered from an injury, it is best to keep the percussion therapy on hold. Your body has a way of healing and repairing itself, so it is best not to interfere with that process when suffering from an injury. 

Moreover, percussions are not ideal for bones, and the pressure can increase joint pain. Therefore, you need to be extra careful, especially if you have broken or dislocated bones. You should not apply any external pressure to your injuries; a professional physician should only do it. 

Allergies and Skin Sensitivity 

Although a massager gun is safe to use on the skin, if your body quickly becomes irritated or red, you should avoid using the massager gun directly on your skin. 

The reason for that is a massager gun releases a surge of vibrations through your skin, and these vibrations can sometimes cause friction which can aggravate allergies and skin rashes. 

To avoid this, you should apply very little pressure and use the lowest speed setting to stimulate tissue repair. Be mindful of not directly putting stress on joints, bones, or nerves. 

Chronic Conditions 

A massager gun may feel heavenly, but it is not a permanent solution to chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses such as these may benefit percussion therapy; however, consultation with your doctor is necessary. 

  • Osteoporosis 
  • Muscle dystrophy 
  • Autoimmune conditions 
  • Hypertension 

These conditions can show positive and adverse effects to a massager, and one should take careful consideration before using it as a method of pain relief. 

How to Choose the Best Body Massage Gun 

If you are looking for a body massager, here are some tips for you. You can get a handful of percussion guns in the market, but some are above the rest, and here’s how you can identify them. 

Percussion Power 

A good percussion gun acts as a powerful mediator between your muscles and tissues. Exogun offers a mind-blowing speed of 1200 to 3200 percussions per minute. This helps you customize a perfect setting for your body. 

The vibration also ranges from 20 to 35 Hz, so you never have too much or too little but just the right amount.


A massager gun should always be portable, and this is because you need to carry it around to your gym or training grounds. The massager should be available with easy access to your workout space. 

Exogun introduced a pocket pro-level treatment with its mini-gun that is compact enough to fit inside small spaces. 

Gun Attachments 

The attachment heads are what make or break an excellent massager gun. Usually, the four types of attachment heads are available, and all serve a different purpose. These four include

  • Spinal head
  • Bullet 
  • Round 
  • Flat 


The basic sphere or round head is good for general use and is the most versatile of all the other attachments.


The bullet is used to trigger and target specific areas and is best to remove knots in your muscles. The sphere head can also be beneficial to use in intricate areas such as feet and hands.


As the name suggests, the flathead is excellent for flat surfaces such as your shoulder blades. This attachment is also best for bony areas of your body as it is gentle than other attachments and disperses percussion strokes efficiently for dense muscles. 


The fork attachment works exceptionally well to relieve pain in your spinal region, and the fork allows percussion strokes to only target muscles around your back without damaging spinal bones. 


People who are into extensive physical activities like gym, sports, swimming, etc., can face severe muscle pains. 

With the help of this massage gun, you can get rid of body pain and sore muscles, thanks to its powerful percussion therapy mechanism. 

However, if you have severe tissue damage, make sure to use the massage gun with precaution — you don’t want to make things worse. 

A massaging gun is a fast and advanced way to get a healing massage without hiring a masseuse. The Exogun massager will make muscle pain recovery a lot easier and effective!

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