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The Ultimate and Safe Guide to Muscle Percussion Therapy

It’s no myth that muscle percussion therapy is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of muscle pain after a workout, or to prevent any muscle damage and energize your body!

Big athletes around the world use muscle percussion therapy to enhance their performance. It's becoming so essential that some of the best percussion massage guns like Exogun are becoming available to everyone!

Even though these percussion massager guns are easy to use, you don’t want to damage your muscles any further by making a mistake! Indeed, it’s really important that you take the time to read a guide about muscle percussion therapy before starting using your device on your sore muscles.



What is Muscle Percussion Therapy?

 Suppose you have been working out extra hard, and your muscles are feeling sore and stiff. You can’t move without feeling the pain, and you hate yourself for being a fitness lover.

This is where muscle percussion therapy comes in the picture and saves the day.

No, you don’t have to go to a masseuse for this therapy. In fact, you can do this right in the comfort of your home. Just get yourself a percussion gun such as Exogun, which will give your muscles the massage they need to relax and repair.

It helps your muscles by giving them the right amount of blood flow so that they can loosen up and repair faster. Percussion therapy is pretty popular now. NBA stars like Kyrie Irving have also been seen using these massage guns for muscle relaxation.

Hence, it is an entirely legit, effective, and efficient therapy used for sore muscles.

How Does Muscle Percussion Therapy Work?

So, is this just using a massaging device for sore muscles? Technically, yes, but also, no. Muscle percussion therapy doesn’t use just any massaging device.

These devices, like Exogun, may look like something out of a toolbox but are actually built to give your muscles rapid and pulsating strokes of pressure at the targeted area.

These repetitive and rapid strokes of pressure go deep into the muscles to increase blood flow in that specific region. This, in return, helps your muscles in a lot of ways in relaxing and repairing itself.

For instance, after an intense work out session, you may feel that your muscles are stiff and sore. This happens because lactic acid builds up in your tissues as a metabolic byproduct.

So, with the help of muscle percussion, you will increase the flow of blood in that region, and help drain the lactic acid through lymphatic drainage.

This therapy also stretches your muscle fibers and helps them loosen up and relax. Hence, it is not only effective after workouts, but even before exercises to warm up and wake up your muscle fibers.

This sort of vibrational healing has, in fact, been used as a massaging technique for ages. For example, a Swedish massage technique called tapotement uses the edge of hands to beat a muscular area to provide rhythmic percussion and increase blood flow.

A percussion gun will do just that, only more effectively. This type of therapy is useful for your body in a lot of ways, and the next section of this article will cover this.

Exogun as Muscle Percussion Therapy Device

If you ever looking for a percussion gun that is recommended by many pros, then Exogun is a perfect choice for you. Exogun revives muscle, boosts circulation, and releases energy so you can get the ultimate recovery and live a better life. You can take it wherever you need it—work, the gym, the trail—and put the power of percussion massage treatment in your hands. The package comes with 4 different attachments to target all muscle groups.

What Are the Benefits of Muscle Percussion Therapy?

Muscle percussion therapy can help you in several ways, that will not only relieve you from muscle soreness but also enhance your overall muscle performance.

Here are some ways you can benefit from using the best percussion massage guns for this therapy:

1.   Reduces Muscle Soreness

The most immediate and apparent benefit of muscle percussion therapy is reduced muscle soreness, of course. You will notice that after a strenuous work out session, or sitting at one place for too long, using a muscle percussion gun will relieve soreness and stiffness to a significant extent.

As we mentioned earlier, this is possible due to increased blood flow and oxygen in the targeted region. It also helps drain toxic chemicals through the lymph nodes, which in turn, relieves your muscles from the stiffness and soreness that you hate so much.

This will help you heal faster between workout sessions and, hence, improve the overall experience of workouts for you.

2.   Helps You Warm-Up

 It is a good idea to use percussion guns before a sports event or an intense gym session. Percussions help gently elongate muscle fibers to make your body more flexible.

It is an excellent way to warm up your muscles, provide them with loads of oxygen and nutrients, and prepare them more effectively for better performance and increased flexibility. It will also help you tire less quickly and get sore muscles less often.

3.   Post Surgery Healing

If you have had surgery, muscle percussions will increase lymphatic circulation in your body and heal you faster. This is because lymphatic circulation will regulate white blood cells in that area and get rid of toxins more quickly, hence, helping you recover quicker.

Moreover, you may develop scar tissues and muscle adhesions after surgery or due to any sort of injury. This therapy can help you with that too.

Muscle adhesions cause muscles to stick together and limit the movement of that particular muscle. Regular percussion therapy to that area can help reduce scar tissues and muscle adhesions and help you move the affected muscles.

It can also reduce swelling and external scar tissues with improved blood circulation, hence, giving you cosmetic benefits as well!

4.   Muscle Rehabilitation

People who are at risk of muscle atrophy can help prevent it by using this therapy. Also, those who cannot physically move for therapy can greatly benefit using some of the best muscle percussion guns in the market.

Just use it on the affected limbs to help stretch the muscles and improve blood flow in the region so that you can improve or prevent conditions like muscle atrophy.

5.   Helps Reduce Cellulite (Yes, Really!)

So many people scour the internet each day for remedies to get rid of cellulite from their bodies. If you are bothered by it as well, then muscle percussion therapy can help you.

The rapid pulsating pressure from a percussion gun helps break down the fat cells that accumulate around tissues to give that cottage cheese look to the skin.

Hence, regular therapy can help reduce cellulite gradually and give your skin an improved overall look.

6.   Stress Relief

Why visit the massage parlor and pay hundreds of bucks when you can relax at home? Muscle percussion therapy can effectively reduce stress by improving blood and oxygen circulation in the body, relaxing your muscles, and leaving you feeling light and flexible.

Just hand the device to your partner and enjoy a relaxing massage at home without the need of a massage parlor.

How to Safely Use Exogun Muscle Percussion?

It is essential to use massage guns safely, though. If you misuse it, even the best percussion massage gun may give more harm than benefits to your muscles.

Here’s how you can effectively and safely use these devices for maximum benefits:

  1. Stretch your limbs a bit before using the device.

  2. Next, attach the correct head to the machine (if it comes with any) and set it on the speed you prefer.

  3. Now, turn on the device. Do this step before touching the device to your body, because turning it on after placing it on your body can feel shocking to the muscles.

  4. Place the head of the device gently on the area you want to use it on.

  5. Do NOT apply any pressure. Just let it float on your body.

  6. Move the device in circular motions. Make sure to do this very slowly, so each inch of the area gets the appropriate amount of pressure.

  7. Use the gun at an area for two to three minutes then move on to the next area.
 For more guidance and precautions, be sure to go through your device’s user manual before using it. Some of the best percussion massage guns are very easy to use and ideal for beginners. Exogun Dreampro is adapted to any levels and is very affordable! 

Is Muscle Percussion Therapy Right for Me?

Generally, muscle percussion can significantly help you with muscle soreness, stiffness, and enhancing flexibility. However, in some situations, it is a big NO.

Below are some circumstances where you should avoid these devices, or at least use it after consulting with your doctor.

●     Sprains

A sprain occurs when you stretch a ligament more than it is supposed to. This causes it to tear, and it is a pretty painful condition.

Steer clear of muscle percussion guns from any area near a sprain, because this will worsen the strain. Strains heal if you don’t move the ligament; hence, applying vibrations and pressure to this area will be painful and will worsen it.

●     Muscle Strains

A muscle strain is similar to a sprain. When you overuse a muscle or stretch it more than it’s supposed to, it gets torn. This is also painful and not a suitable place to use a percussion gun.

Let your muscles heal first, and then do this therapy. Consult with your doctor and see if using a percussion gun is safe for you or not.

●     Blood Thinners

If you take any sort of blood thinners, for instance, aspirin, it's better to avoid muscle percussion or consult your doctor first.

Since muscle percussion increases blood flow in the region, people who take blood thinners are at a danger of bruising that area very quickly. Hence, it's better to avoid it.

●     Blood Clots

If you are at risk of blood clots, don't use this device as it can free that blood clot, allowing it to travel in your bloodstream, and cause dire medical emergencies.

●     Fractures

This may seem obvious, but don't use a massage gun even near a broken bone, as this will cause you severe pain and interfere with the mending process.

Even when the bone has healed, don't use the percussion gun on that area unless your doctor has cleared you for it.

●     Inflammations

Don't use massage guns in conditions where tissues are inflamed. This includes inflammation of the tendons, connective tissues, bursae, and other tissues.

Further Precautions

If you have any of the following conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before using a massage gun:

  • Varicose veins
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Muscle disorders
  • Conditions that affect blood vessels, like thrombosis, peripheral artery disease, etc.


For more guidelines and to further clear your doubts, here are some questions people often ask regarding muscle percussion therapy that we answered:

●     Is muscle percussion therapy safe?

This may be the first question that popped in your head when you first heard about this. So, yes, this therapy is pretty safe generally.

However, be sure to use it the correct way and only for the advised time limit. Also, make sure you are physically healthy enough to use these devices.

●     Where on the body can I use percussive massage guns?

You can use these on any muscular area of the body. However, don’t use it on the face, neck, or throat, or on other sensitive areas of the body as you can bruise the delicate skin here and cause injuries.

Also, don’t use them on injuries that are still healing, such as stitches.

●     Can percussion guns be used during pregnancy?

No, don’t use these devices during pregnancy, especially over the abdominal area. Even for other areas, consult your doctor first!

●     Can I use these devices over clothing?

You can wear them over clothes or without them. It is safe either way. However, don’t use it over loose clothes as this may be quite dangerous.

●     Is it okay for my skin to turn pink or red after treatment?

Generally, you will notice that the area where you used the device is a bit pink or red after the massage. However, if the skin is inflamed and red for a longer than usual period, stop use immediately and consult your doctor for future use.


Muscle percussion therapy is beneficial for anyone who needs some muscle relaxation and needs to get rid of those awful cramps that we all get sometimes.

Whether you’ve been sitting in front of a screen for too long or have been working out intensively, you can get some of the best percussion massage guns available in the market today and save yourself from a lot of soreness and stiffness.