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What to Look for In a Muscle Massager Gun?

Have you ever wasted your whole day or canceled your plans because of a massive backache? Do you suffer from sore muscles and stiff joints occasionally? Does working out leave you with fatigue and muscle pain?

If the answer to any such questions is yes, then you need to invest in a muscle massager gun for a solution. Not only do they allow you to relax completely after a tiresome day, but they also offer multiple health benefits! Some of the best muscle massager guns, like the well-known ExoGun DreamPro, are powerful, easy and safe to use. Moreover, they won’t break the bank if you know what I mean!

To help you out, I have provided a detailed account of all the factors that make up a good muscle massager gun, along with reviewing the best percussion massage gun.

Muscle Massager Gun - The Buying Guide

Before purchasing a handheld massager, you need to look at specific features in your product. Since there are multiple types of guns available in the market, you need to know what to look for in your muscle massager gun. 

1.   Massage Technique

Massagers mimic the massaging techniques of professional masseurs. Compared to using hands for massage, these guns offer better precision and more efficiency by reaching deeper muscle groups.

You will find three types of massage techniques, kneading, tapping, and percussion in a massager from the market.

In the kneading massage, the massager will press your muscles against the bones using an attached head. This method is suited for relieving tight muscles, reducing pain, and increasing flexibility.

Tapping motion improves blood circulation and elasticity by striking against the affected muscles continuously.

Undoubtedly, the last technique, percussion therapy, is the best technique available in a gun. It involves hitting the muscles in rapid movements in a sequence, which boosts the skin and all of your muscle reflexes.

2.   Power

Compared to hands, handheld massagers offer more powerful blows to your muscles. However, some models can be more powerful than their competitors.

This feature will define how deep the strokes will penetrate your body and how beneficial it will be for your health. Consequently, the intensity of the massage depends on its powerful machine.

3.   Speed

A lot of muscle massager guns offer versatility by letting you adjust the speed of the vibrations or striking motion. Unlike those that run on a single-speed, these machines can help you customize your massage to your liking.

Hence, if you want a light massage to reduce fatigue, you can set your gun at the lowest speed possible. In the case where you require a harder massage to get rid of tight muscles, adjust your machine to higher speeds for best results.

4.   Head Attachments

Just like adjustable speed control, multiple head attachments can help you customize your massage experience according to your needs. You can use specific heads to target different muscles in your body and get rid of pain wherever needed.

Moreover, by applying the right pressure on different groups of muscles, you can get a better result. This feature will ensure that you can use your muscle massager gun for various reasons over the years.


Among the various attachments, you can most commonly find roller, broad massage, kneading massage, scalp, and scraper heads.

5.   Loudness

While using your massager gun, you can efficiently multitask and enjoy a movie in your downtime. However, a noisy massager gun will not let you relax and enjoy your time.

People, wanting to use their guns in the gym or any public place, need to consider the loudness of the machine before investing in a model.

6.   Ease-of-use

There are a lot of factors that can help make your device easy to use. Such that, a comfortable grip will help you to hold the massager snugly, without letting it slip.

Besides this, lightweight devices help you to use the massaging gun for more extended periods. This feature also allows you to use it wherever you want. You can carry it on your travels or even to the gym itself with ease.

Simple controls and adjustable arms can help make your life easier too.

7.   Battery life

It can be quite frustrating if your machines die on you when you need them. Thus, it is essential to check for the battery life of your muscle massager gun to avoid such problems.

Usually, machines use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Since it is quite common to forget to charge your devices, make sure to check its battery life and recharging time. A more extended battery will help you use the gun several times before needing to be recharged. 

Exogun DreamPro - Powerful, Easy and Affordable!


ExoGun DreamPro is one of the best percussion massage guns available in the market. Not only is it powerful, but you can also customize the massage according to your needs.

Read on to find why this gun stands out from its competitors.

1.   Four Head Attachments

This massager gun can be used to target all muscle groups in the body using its four different heads attachment.

Exogun comes with a bullet head, which has a tapered end to target sore and stiff joints in your body. You can use this precise head for small muscles, inner elbows, and knee joint pain.

The second attachment is quite large, spherical, and covered with soft foam. It helps to target larger muscles for deep massages along with toning on your hips, chest, and wings.

A U-shaped fork attachment is specific for the spinal column to relieve nerve pressure and pain. Lastly, we get a flathead that you can use on any part of your body. Since it is quite large, try to use it for larger muscle groups.

2.   Six-Speed Setting

Exogun allows you to adjust the speed and intensity of the massaging blows using the touch screen on the back of the gun. Use the touch button to choose between six different speeds.

This machine offers 1200 to 3200 percussion per minute, with a range of 20 to 53 Hz vibration. For cramps and extremely sore muscles, use higher speeds for faster relief. Meanwhile, low-speed settings are more suitable for milder injuries and aches.

3.   Design

Its design is one of the reasons why Exogun is the best percussion massage gun. Not only is it compact and easy to handle, but it also weighs only 2.5 pounds, making it travel-friendly.

Moreover, it features an angular handle with a soft traction material to give you a firm grip on the gun. If this were not enough, the shock-absorptive grip on the handle would prevent you from feeling the vibrations.

4.   SmartShock Technology

Exogun incorporates SmartShock sensitivity in its brushless motor to offer a more efficient massage every time. Such that, the gun is quite responsive and balances precise blows according to the needs of your body.

Besides this, this technology is responsible for low vibration and low-noise operation too.

5.   Versatility

When it comes to versatility in usage, Exogun trumps all other massager guns in the market. With its multiple heads and speed control options, you can use it to target even the deepest muscles in the body. Such that, it boosts oxygen delivery and circulation to accelerate tissue repair.

This gun can be used to reduce fatigue, work out all the knots, and relieves cramps, soreness, and stiffness in all parts of the body. Moreover, it helps to re-energize your muscles, accelerate repair, boost your performance, and prevent any future muscle damage.

6.   Battery Life

Exogun contains one of the best batteries found in the market. It can work continuously for over four hours with just a single charge. Furthermore, it requires only two hours to charge completely.

The 2400 mAh battery can help you use the massager gun multiple times before needing to recharge it.

7.   Low-Noise

This muscle massager gun combines a powerful machine with low-noise operation effortlessly. Its internal system makes only 70dB of noise even while working on its highest speed possible.



If you are looking for one solution to all your muscle aches, stiffness, and pain, then look no further than Exogun DreamPro. Being the best percussion massage gun in the market, it offers the best features to help alleviate all your problems.