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Why Using a Deep Tissue Massager Pre-workout Can Be a Game-changer?

Has it been a while and you can’t seem to up your workout game? Are you not able to budge that 10:00/mile into a better pace rate? A 30-minute basic session leaves you panting, let alone a hardcore one-hour cardio.

Working hard is the key, but if you are unable to work out harder, it’s time you should do something about it, like using a deep tissue massager for example.

Well, there is something that you may be missing out on. For example, working out without proper preparation may keep you back from reaching your workout potential.

Yes, that's right. Preparing yourself before the workout routine can result in a guaranteed improvement in your workout regime. That’s what all the fitness fanatics do. But how do they do it?

"gymaholics" resort to several precursory methods to prep themselves up, before indulging in workout drills. Be it athletes or gym freaks, pre-workout methods have become almost an essential tool in the workout game.

Here, we will tell you all about the pre-workouts that you need to know before you hit the gym.


What Does Pre-Workout Do?

As the name suggests, a pre-workout leads the workout routines. Pre-workouts are popular products to help increase your energy levels and kick up your workout performance. There are many supplements available today to buckle up your strength before the strenuous sessions.

Besides, you can also work up your muscles by using deep tissue percussion massagers. These are therapeutic tools that can work to relax your muscles and improve their mobility.

While pre-workout supplements are changing the fitness game, deep tissue massages are gaining ground too. These amazing devices can revitalize your muscles literally by several bouts of massages. You are left invigorated before hitting the race track.

There are many deep tissue massages tools available out there these days. Exogun is probably one of the easiest and it’s affordable..

What Are The Best Pre-workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are becoming one of the most used in the fitness industry. Research has shown that consuming these additives help increase stamina, boost muscular strength, and reduces your effort level in the workout sessions. As a result, you can endure more and exercise effectively to gain your desired results.

Go natural. While synthetic over-the-shelf workout supplements have a variety of amino acids, steroids, blah blah to fire you up, natural products can do just the same, almost nearly. But, the key is, you should administer these methods an hour or 30 mins before the workout to get the maximum benefits.

●     Caffeine

Studies have shown that caffeine boosts your strength and endurance. It also helps reverse the morning weakness that we all have experienced. Not only does caffeine energize you, but it also helps in the fat oxidation process.

This helps release more energy while you are running. Also, caffeine can enhance the release of calcium. As a result, your muscles undergo contractions and it can help you sprint faster.

Now in terms of dosing, you need to take three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight.

●     Beets

Beetroot juice can be a game-changer in the fitness world. Yes, you hear that right. When it comes to beetroot, you only think of it as something sweet, or a vegetable for your salads. And when you combine it with a deep tissue massager, it is even more effective.

Well, beetroots, known as the superfood in the fitness industry, can give you the athletic boost that you are looking for, thanks to a couple of powerful nutrients present in it. Let's break that down.

Beetroots are rich in nitrates. This is just the nutrient you need to have better energy efficiency. Nitrates inhibit making adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical needed for muscular contractions. In return, there is less oxygen required to break down ATP.

Thus, you have more oxygen, a better running economy, and you can work harder by requiring less energy. Woah, we bet you didn't know about how beetroots could work scientifically.

Using A Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager As A Pre-workout.

Having talked about a couple of natural supplements, let’s see what’s more on the other end. Besides feasting on the powerful nutrients, you can work externally too, by working up your muscles, literally, from outside. Nowadays, there are deep tissue percussion therapeutic massagers available.

Sounds like high tech, right? To start with, tissue percussion therapy is a deep tissue massage. The massager impact penetrates the deep tissue muscles, creating a neuromuscular response.

What is a deep tissue percussion therapeutic massager? It's a vibrating tool to target muscle groups by sending vibrations deep into them. This helps improve blood circulation, increase range of motion and relieve any pain or muscle tautness.

You could target specific areas like the biceps, quadriceps, or even the joints, to help increase your mobility and “loosen” up the muscles so you could move freely. Not only are these deep tissue massage tools used as a pre-workout, but you could also use them post-workout to improve muscle recovery.

Let’s have a look at one of these massage tools that is being widely used by gymnasts and athletes to get their muscles working.


Exogun is a powerful deep tissue massage tool that comes in a pretty zipped casing. It weighs as light as 2.5 pounds. The gun has a charging cable and four different massager attachments that you could use to target specific areas.

For the attachments, Exogun comes with a standard set of four detachable massagers;

  • The flat-head attachment that you could glide over your muscles generally.
  • A foam dome attachment that is ideal for use on sensitive tissues; for example, underneath your arms or even on your temples.
  • The U-shaped prong that can perfectly work along the spine to relieve any back pain.
  • The pin-point attachment that could be used for pinpointing a specific area with greater pressure.

Whether, it be back pain, a taut muscle or muscular cramps, Exogun comes to

There you go, you know pretty much about this massager gun and how it can work to work your muscles up.

Summing it Up

Pre-workout methods can brush up your fitness game, and now you know How. It is always best to combine the pre-workout supplements with deep tissue percussion therapeutic massagers.

Although there are a variety of supplements or mixes available in the market, natural products are usually the best resort. While supplements work from within, percussion therapeutic massagers can prepare you externally.

This is where deep tissue massagers, such as Exogun, can be a game-changer for pre-workouts, giving you instant relaxation so that you have ample amount of time to get ready for the busy work routine.