Exogun - Alleviate Aches & Pain in Minutes


Most Powerful Deep
Tissue Precussive

Most Powerful Deep
Tissue Precussive

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Enhanced Recovery & Relaxation
With The Most Durable and Powerful Massage Gun

Don’t let pain and soreness slow you down. ExoGun is the #1 trusted massage gun used to revive muscle, boost circulation, and release energy so you can recover faster and live better.

Massage & Relax Every Part of Your Body









Percussive Therapy

for The Ultimate Recovery

Percussive Therapy

for The Ultimate Recovery

Here's Why Olympians Love ExoGun

ExoGun has helped many pro-athletes gain back control of their body and achieve long-term pain relief. Works perfectly to boost muscle function, eliminate tension and speed up recovery.

Ultra Power

Up to 3200 strokes/minute & 60lbs stall force making it the most powerful massage gun in the market

Deep Tissue Relaxation

Scientifically formulated percussions to maximize pain relief, enhance performance and accelerate muscle recovery

Highly Responsive

Built with ShockSmart sensitivity to deliver the exact percussive strength your body needs

Durable & Ergonomic Handle

Solid build quality and angular-shaped handle making it more comfortable to hold and easy to massage hard-to-reach places

Customize Recovery

Easily switch between 6 speeds & 4 massage head attachments for customized full-body recovery

Longest Industry Battery Life

Enjoy continuous use for up to 6 hoursplaces

Cordless, Lightweight & Portable

Bring it anywhere with you. Includes Free Carrying Case ($49 Value)

Benefits of Exogun

Increase blood circulation and range of motion

Relieve pain, tension and tightness

Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue

Enhance performance and speed recovery

Why Exogun Stands Out

Ultra-Quiet <70 db at Highest Setting

Multi-Functional HD LCD Touch Display

1 Month Battery Life with 2400MAh

Designed to Be Ergonomic & Comfortable to Hold

Powerful Brushless 24V Torque Motor

6 Speeds from Warm-Up to Deep Tissue Relief (1200-3200 Strokes/min)

Hundreds of 5-Star Verified Reviews


"So excited I got my new ExoGun in the mail & use it for the first time today!! If you are an athlete, workout hard weekly, have blood circulation & stress problems, this product can help in many ways!"


11 MAY 2021


"Big thanks to ExoGun for helping my body feel great all summer!"


18 AUG 2020


"ExoGun Massage Gun is absolutely EPICCCC. My husband and I have been enjoying it every day since it was received, and I sooooo love it, especially after intense workouts"


12 MAY 2021

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Does Exogun have any warranty?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all Exogun DreamPro's. For any issues please contact support@exogun.com

I just received my Exogun, how long should i charge for before operating?

We recommend to charge for 6 hours before the first use.

How many speed settings does Exogun have?

Exogun has 6 speed settings to maximise the therapy for all muscle groups!

How do i know if my Exogun is charging?

When charging:

  • - The Exogun display should always be ON. The left display should indicate a circular motion to indicate charging.
  • - The charger should show a red light to indicate charging

I am seeing red and green lights on my charger, what does this mean?

  • - Red means charging
  • - Red/Green alternating flash means almost fully charged
  • -Green means fully charged

How do i know how much charge my Exogun has?

The right side display indicates the level of charge from 0-99%.

I've charged my Exogun, how do i turn it on?

Please press/tap on the power button on the display.

What accessories do i get with my Exogun?

Included with the package is:

  • - 1 Exogun Dream Pro
  • - 1 Charging Cable (110-240V)
  • - 4 attachments to target all muscle groups
  • - 1 User Manual
  • - 1 Carrying Case

How loud is the exogun (dB)?

At the loudest and fastest setting, ExoGun will be approx 70dB.

What is the Stroke length?


What is the Stall force?


How heavy is the ExoGun?


How long does the battery last?

On standby, the 2400mah battery can last up to 1 month

How many percussions per minute?

1200 - 3200 percussions per minute

What is the vibration speed range?

20-53 Hz vibration speed range

What is percussion therapy and how will Exogun help me?

Percussion therapy boosts muscle function and recovery by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue with a series of rapid, concentrated pulsating strokes. Gain back control of your body and achieve long-term pain relief with Exogun.

What voltage is the product compatible with?


How can I use my Exogun safely?

Please see below for some safety guidelines when using your Exogun:
- Use on the body by gently pressing for ~60 seconds per area.
- Do not use on the head or any hard or bony area of the body.
- Bruising may occur regardless of setting and pressure level. Stop immediately at first sign of pain or discomfort and check affected areas frequently.
- Do not put it in water or allow it to get wet.
- Handle with care to avoid dropping.
- Only use the designated charger for charging your device.
- Never leave it unattended when charging or powered on.

How do I clean and care for my Exogun?

To clean, use a slightly damp towel and dry afterwards with another cloth.

What should I know before traveling with my Exogun?

When traveling, place your Exogun in your carry on.