Does Electric Massager Build Muscle? Exogun

Does Electric Massager Build Muscle? Exogun

Do they? There is a big question, and we are seriously contemplating the epidemic-like use of massager we see left, right, and centre.

This is no joke.

Go to the gym and stay in the locker room for two hours. Four out of ten gym bags have those massage guns in them. It is like a massive shift in routine, and we wonder what triggered it.

If we dial back five to seven years, there were no such things. Massagers were only meant for patients and physiotherapy. Are people getting weak or muscle massager ups your game.

Let's find out.

Why is Everyone Using Massagers?

Blame the athletes, but they brought this change. Initially, athletes used portable massagers to tend to their sports injuries or minor muscle pulls while training.

Later they discovered how massagers are not only repairing the muscle but helping them grow. These massages are known as percussive massages.

Uniquely percussive massages release the contraction of the muscle and lengthen them. These massages are just healing but also improving the quality of health.

Subsequently, these massages improve blood circulation, the muscle becomes healthier and grows in size.

Additionally, the tissue metabolism improves, and the muscle gets all the nutrients for development. As a result, muscle health gets better and grows significantly.

However, some factors contribute to hamper muscle growth. Let's discuss ways to not repeat some mistakes and how to control them if they are inevitable.

Factors Hampering Muscle Growth & Solutions

Some factors majorly obstruct muscle growth. You wonder, what is the point of the bench press, and chest flyer when it's going to only pain and no gain?

In fact, you will resort to stopping working out if you don't see any evident development. In order to take control over this problem, we quickly understand the science behind the muscle.  

Understanding the Muscle

The diversion towards science was inevitable. To understand the muscle, we need science jargon to completely understand the body's wonders.

Let's try to understand this with the Gateway Control Theory. In this theory of pain, when a muscle is hurt or damaged, it soothes a little with a massage. 

Imagine you trapped your finger in a drawer; what is the first thing you do? Massage gently, right?

Ideally, the massage stimulates the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO), which has contracted the muscle as a defence mechanism. Henceforth, reduce the muscle's tightness, the receptors send signals to the brain and release overall muscle tension.  

In one of the various ways you can release muscle tension, massage tops the list. Massage in the form of self-rub, deep tissue massage, and trigger point pressure release can be used to address the issue at hand.  

Now that we have discovered the ways to release muscle tension. There are so many ways that are crucial to identify that cause muscle tension.

Read on to learn the problems and their solutions.  

Heavy Lifting Pinning You Down

When you are working those muscles and doing some heavy lifting, it sometimes takes a toll on the muscles. Various factors contribute to muscle damage, such as sleep pattern, exertion that particular day, hydration, or even increased weights.

Especially if it's the first week of cable flyers and bench press; those muscles are definitely sore. And you cannot stop on account of sore muscles; hence you push. Oftentimes this push could be painful and lead to more muscle soreness.

Therefore it would be best if you had something that doesn't stop you on any account, and you are good to go for more weights the next day.

Training must go on!    

Many gyms also have massage chambers where you can instantly get massages, and muscles are back to good mobility and circulation.

But what if I tell you, you do not need to pay for those extra massages, and you can get the massage every day.

Invest in mini, portable massagers that are easy to charge, easy to use and easy to navigate the pain to healing.

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Increase Circulation

Human body is a marvel. Blood flows through every part of the body, repairing, regenerating, and self-healing. While it may take a natural course to heal, it may stop you down in your strenuous training for a couple of days.

But can you do that?

Coming back to muscle massages, the whole point is to get the blood flowing through despite the soreness and inflammation. Once you give your body that extra TLC, the body is on the way to recovery.

Often when we go for massages and masseuses who mean well give extra pressure on sore muscles. Not their fault; their brain isn't telling them what works best.

But, only you can tell how much pressure needs to be exerted for smooth blood circulation or treat the inflammation.   

When you have a body and mind that can help you navigate, why not have a muscle massager that can help you figure it out yourself. All in all, you are independent, saving bucks, lying in your favorite chair, and healing.  

Improve Flexibility

Being new to the gym is already very intimidating since everyone you see is continuously pushing themselves. No one is gasping for breath and clutching onto those dear knees that aren't flexible to go that extra mile.

In a study conducted by the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, a small session with muscle massager tones your muscles. Few minutes of massage therapy and your body is more flexible than before.

What's even better, these jammed muscles are up for some movement, and you can do a few more lunges than yesterday.  

Ideally, Athletes, trainers, and marathon runners can use this technique of quick massage before the practice. It helps them increase the quality of the session and enables them to push a little more.

Flexibility is the main regime for most athletes. Hence athletes find ways to improve their agility by using muscle massagers.   


Reduce Pain

We hear you. Three sets of lunges, four sets of bench press, miles of swimming - weight loss is pain.

For the regime to continue the way, you require to work on weight loss taxes on those muscles, and you feel you may fall while walking. We all know that feeling.

You long for a massage as you head home, but you cannot stop thinking about slumping in the bed. Massage therapy is surely effective, but it's unnecessary to head to the spa every time you need a massage.

Pain also hampers the muscle growth that you anticipate from the last two weeks of vigorous workout. If the pain doesn't subside, the muscle buildup will slump.

Using a muscle massager relaxes the aching muscles and subdue the pain. When muscles are healed, uninflamed, they are more likely to build the mass that you are aiming for.

Improve Sleep

Have you noticed how the doctor sends you off with sleeping pills, along with pain and muscle repair pills, after an accidental injury or broken bones?

Yes! You got that right.

Sleep is vital for muscle repair and growth. Let's say you had a rough day at work; kids were too hopped up on sugar, or the trainer felt it's time to add more weight.

Your muscles are in shambles. But muscles do not know what you have to deal with tomorrow. And you do not have the slack to give them their beauty time to repair.

But a good night's sleep is a catalyst to the recovery process. This is the reason why doctors give you muscle relaxants and sleep-inducing pills for the first three days of injury.

Similarly, when your muscles are in a fix from the day you had. You cannot stop and let it mend.

But with a muscle massager, you can have an hour to yourself in all the pained zones while lying in your bed.

Just put your favorite podcast or series and massage those aching muscles while you enjoy it. And Voila! You are fixed and set for a good night's sleep. And you already know how crucial a night of good sleep is for those muscles to repair and heal.

Speedy Recovery

Sometimes after some changes in routine or having a session that is solely addressed to legs and glutes is going to get back to you.

And that will not be pretty.

Often these sessions or pushes that you exerted during the session start showing after six to eight hours. Or sometimes they come sneaking up on you after you wake up the following day.

If you are smart like us, you will address it even before there are any significant signs. A mini sit-down with your handheld muscle massager and get the blood flowing in those troubled areas.

It is indeed smart to stop the inflammation from developing and making muscles sore, and you are already on the road to recovery. The impact of the rigorous session will not blow up in your face.

Also, if you have developed any muscle injury, you can start working on it with a muscle massager with subtle settings. In this way, you will not be exerting the pressure more than required and navigate your way to massage the damaged or sore muscles.    

Sometimes, you may have a particular injury or require a massage for a particular area, such as the neck, head, or feet. Various massagers cater to your different needs and address the issue with special attention to detail construction.

Types of Electric Massagers

There are various kinds of electric massagers, and the OG of the massagers is the chair. But there are more portable and less costly alternatives we can fathom buying.

Massage Chair

Hands down, no argument. The best in the league and takes you to the clouds. Besides the price, the only thing that stops us from buying it is portability.

Massage Pillow

Uniquely addressing a few targeted areas because of construction, massage pillows are the best pal for people who have no choice but to sit in office chairs for hours.

Foot Massager

As the name suggests, it only helps relieve the muscles in your aching feet. It is an ideal buy for those who stand long hours and have aching feet muscles by the end of the day.

Hand-held Massager

Most hand held muscle massagers come in various sizes and shapes. Some are large and weigh a lot, while some are as small as portable drill machines.  


Back to Training

Now that there is no stopping you. You are in apple-pie order.

With no sore muscles, no pain pulling you down, you can go back tomorrow for your gym session to continue training.

For athletes, often, the training season is extremely taxing. There is no need for drama and immersing yourself in buckets of ice every day.

There are inconclusive theories that back the claim to repair muscle damage. Then why subjects yourself to this torture when there is a sweeter and easier way to repair muscle damage.    

You can use your trusted gadget; look for a small handheld Massager gun that ideally comes with various interchangeable heads and speed settings.

You must be wondering why we have to be so picky.

Well, our body has so many curves and varied sensitivity to vibrations. While working on a back, a fork-head of a massage gun is a win. Put the speed setting to a minimum and let it do the magic.

You can use these options creatively when you have them at your disposal to get the best out of muscle massager.   

After a quick fix and TLC of those muscles, you can continue training and working towards your goal.

Take Away

We are in no way saying to quit foam rolling, yoga stretches, sauna and spa visits before or after training. These options are proven effective and can be mixed in variation.

However, the muscle repair and regeneration that you can achieve from your hand with the help of a muscle massager is heaven-sent.

You can relax and address the problem areas yourself, exerting the right amount of pressure. Also, every time you start the session at the gym, give your muscles a 5 minute warm-up for improved flexibility and performance.

You will feel your workout time is less painful, prolonged and you will see significant development in muscle building.

Nothing can stop you now.  

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