What Are The Advantages Of Muscle Massagers For Blood Circulation?

What Are The Advantages Of Muscle Massagers For Blood Circulation?

Massage therapy is the application of different techniques on the muscular structure of the human body. It is one of the oldest healing techniques, and many people swear by this practice to this day.

Moreover, it will provide you with relief from aches and pains caused by day-to-day activities such as using your phone all day with a hunched back or playing video games all day, etc.

The overall health of the human body improves when stress levels decrease. Massage therapy itself can enhance your life by relieving stress.

Additionally, it also improves your blood circulation and helps flush out toxins. 

Besides, massage therapy can help you become more productive and lead to an overall improvement in the quality of your life.

Luckily it’s now easier than ever to get the same benefits of massage therapy using muscle massager guns.

Does Massage Increase Blood Circulation? 

Massage therapy can be very beneficial for the mind and body.

It can help overworked muscles relax and recover. Additionally, massage can be great for blood circulation throughout the body.

Massages help improve this circulation due to physical manipulation of the soft tissue.

Almost all kinds of massages help to improve blood flow in the body. A range of wringing, effleurage, and lymphatic drainage techniques are often employed in massages to improve it. 

Many physiological effects also occur during a massage, such as vasodilation, increased venous return, and increased capillarization, which help improve the overall flow of blood inside our muscles and body.

What Are Muscle Massagers? 

Muscle massagers offer various benefits without involving the hassle of actually going to a massage therapist and paying for it. 

The electronic tools known as massagers use vibrations to target your muscle tissue, and that increases blood flow to the area.

The gentle pressure from the muscle massager can relieve sore muscles and decrease any tight muscle tissues. 

How Do Muscle Massagers Work? 

Muscle Massagers work by applying pressure, vibrations, or motion to specific parts of the body by using hand or electronic massage devices. In simple terms, massage guns revoke pain sensations in the same way as rubbing your forehead after hitting it on a glass door.

A muscle massager machine uses vibrations to help relax the sore muscles by stimulating the Golgi tendon organ, a structure inside the muscle. 

Warming Up The Muscles

Before jumping right into using a muscle massager, it might be more helpful to warm your muscles up first. Some people like to do full-body warm-ups such as jumping jacks before using a massager.

However, if you're working on a specific group of muscles, focusing on them may be helpful.

Focusing the muscle massager on a group of muscles for five to ten minutes will prepare the muscles for activity.

Therefore, by prepping the tissue for activity, you decrease the chances of causing any damage.

Cooling Down The Muscles.

Lactic acid builds up in the muscles after exercising, which may cause pain and discomfort. Using massagers after exercise or activity can help reduce muscle soreness by decreasing the capability of the muscle fibers to hold onto the lactic acid.

According to a recent study, massages after exercise can help reduce lactic acid levels significantly.

And luckily, many convenient handheld massagers are available to help our muscles recover after an intense workout.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage On The Circulatory System?

Massages relax the tensed muscles and relieve stress from the body. Thus, improving the overall health of a person.

There are also several other benefits of massage therapy, such as the beneficial effects on our circulatory system.

Here let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

1. Increased Blood Flow

Increased blood flow is an essential element for good health since blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients.

Having sufficient and proper flow of blood inside our tissues is vital for them to function. Massage therapy can help have a better blood flow to the tissues, organs, and muscles.

A consistent flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain tissue can protect a person against strokes.

Furthermore, constant blood flow can keep muscles from cramping while also maintaining healthy skin.

2. Better Blood Pressure Levels

Many studies have shown the beneficial effects of massage therapy on individuals with high blood pressure.

Massage therapy is a safe, convenient, practical, and cost-effective way to help keep our blood pressure levels in check.

One study shows massage therapy drastically helps control blood pressure in prehypertensive women. 

Massage helps improve relaxation and reduces stress levels. This reduction in stress levels can also help lower blood pressure. 

3. Improved Lymphatic Flow

Massaging techniques can improve lymphatic flow and drainage. Lymph is a liquid much like normal blood but without the red blood cells that help remove waste products and provide nutrients to tissues.

Better flow of lymph means enhanced removal of toxins from the body. If the lymphatic system doesn't function properly, the person may experience edema.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is often utilized to help combat edema.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Muscle Massagers?

Muscle massagers are great to have around your house. Not only are they easy to use, but they are portable and comparatively cheaper in comparison to weekly appointments with a massage therapist.

Below are some of the benefits of these muscle massagers:

  1. Relieve stress and relax the body by releasing tension.

  2. Reduce lactic acid levels in muscles that are built up in the body mainly following a hardcore exercise.

  3. An increased amount of blood and lymphatic circulation results in more nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscles and efficient removal of waste products.

  4. The chances of strains and sprains are reduced due to more flexible joints.

  5. It helps break down the scar tissue by massaging the collagen fibers present deep inside our skin. 

  6. The overall health of a person is improved with better sleep and immunity.

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Types Of Muscle Massagers

Many Massage devices are available in the market these days. Each type of massager has its unique function. Therefore, you will find different kinds of massagers for specific parts of the body in the markets today. 

Such as massagers for your back, massagers for your feet, pulse massagers, palm massagers, massage guns, etc. Some examples of muscle massagers include: 

1. Foot Massagers

Foot massagers can be electrical or mechanical, and they are designed for foot massages and can even be used as water spa massagers.

These massagers are used to stimulate the blood flow in the feet by using rolling motions. 

Consistent blood flow is the key to healing aches. In addition, foot massagers are great for muscle soreness.

This massager is great for people who spend a long time standing and walking in their shoes and want to feel relaxed.


2. Back Massager

An electric back massager can be multifunctional or can also be used on a specific body area.

The massager penetrates deep into tissues. Furthermore, it increases blood flow, relaxes tight muscles, and relieves pain.

Different types of back massagers are available. However, the two most common types are a professional massager and the handheld massager. 

The handheld massager comes with many different attachments and a motor. Therefore, it is easier to use as it reaches the problematic areas without any hassle.

While the professional massager isn't portable and is much heavier.

The professional massager is used by professionals such as masseuses and chiropractors. However, it is certainly priced like one too.

The problem with a massager like this is that for massaging and reaching some of the places or angles, you would require someone's help.

3. Muscle Massager Gun

A muscle massager gun or percussion massagers have mighty strokes and produce pulses that target muscles. In addition, they are great for use since they are lightweight.

It can have different attachments for different functions. Like, ExoGun: DreamPro is one portable device that provides percussive therapy and deep tissue massage at the convenience of your home.

Therefore, it's great if you have muscle aches. This muscle massager gun can also be used on exercise-induced injuries a person may have following a challenging workout.

The deep tissue massage can stimulate healing by activating nerves and increasing the blood flow.

Types Of Massages For Improved Blood Circulation

The circulatory system consists of two crucial parts, the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system.

Both these systems work together to cleanse your body from any toxins. If your circulatory system isn't working as it should, your heart will have to work hard to pump blood.

Getting massages stimulates the lymph vessels and blood flow, which enhances circulation. Different types of massages are made for the different parts of the body. Below are some of the most common massages.

1. Swedish Massage

This type of massage relaxes the muscles by applying pressure deep into the muscle and bones.

Your masseuse will apply pressure and rub your body in the same direction as the blood flow to the heart, which is excellent for circulation.

The Swedish massage is best known for improving circulation by expediting the return of lymph and blood. It helps in removing metabolic waste from your circulatory system.

Also, it uses different techniques and strokes to increase circulation.

2. Leg Massage

Leg massage is another type of massage that is great for enhancing circulation.

The leg massage stimulates the circulation of lymph and blood, which can prevent varicose veins. The masseuse will apply strokes from the ankle up to the lymph nodes present higher up.

The masseuse will be gentle around bony areas such as the knee. They will also make sure that they apply gentle pressure on the swollen areas.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

This massage releases tension in the muscles by applying pressure, slow strokes, and friction across the forces.

The masseuse will first determine the stiff areas and make themselves familiar with the deep layers of your muscles.

Specific hand techniques will then be applied by the masseuse to relieve any pain you might have. In addition, with this massage, there is an increase in removing waste products such as toxins from the body.

This particular massage improves the circulation to your feet. Additionally, it improves circulation by increasing oxygen flow through the body.

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What To Look For When Buying Muscle Massagers

Muscle massagers come in different shapes and sizes. In addition, they come with varying price points, so there’s a muscle massager available for about all budget ranges.

However, there are many things to look out for when buying a muscle massager. Some of the most important factors to look for include:

Battery Life

The battery life of the electronic device is vital. Some devices should work on a single charge but may have to be recharged after around ninety minutes.

Choosing a muscle massager with decent battery life is always important to make sure your device never runs out of charge during a session.

There are more expensive options available in the muscle massager guns since they provide replaceable rechargeable batteries.

The less expensive ones are also available, but rechargeable battery guns are always more preferred.


Massagers that have multiple speed levels are much more practical than those that only have one fixed speed. Therefore, selecting different speed settings gives users more control and options to choose from.


There’s nothing worse than a noisy massager.

Massages are supposed to be relaxing, so muscle massagers that are quiet and don't make a lot of noise are always a treat. Hence, if you’re looking to buy a muscle massager, make sure it’s not too noisy.


A heavy muscle massager is always going to be much more difficult to handle as compared to a lightweight one.

Additionally, holding a heavy massager will put unnecessary pressure on your wrist. Therefore always try to find a muscle massager that fits the 2 to 4-pound weight range.


A wide variety of muscle massagers are now available in the market, each designed as per its specific needs.

In the era of technology, new inventions have started to replace human activities, such as massage therapy.

Muscle massagers offer a much more affordable and convenient alternative to traditional massage therapists.

Additionally, many people, including athletes, swear by using muscle massagers to relieve muscle tension and stress because of their portability and practicality.