Top 10 Massage Oils You Should Try Now for a Relaxing Day At Home

Top 10 Massage Oils You Should Try Now for a Relaxing Day At Home

Getting a relaxing massage is one of the best feelings in this world, especially if you’ve had a stressful week. Being stressed out and anxious can cause your muscles to tense up, which can be very uncomfortable. An extended massage is excellent for loosening your cramped muscles.

Although you can always get a simple back rub, using massage oils and tools will make the experience ten times better. 

You might be wondering, “what kind of massage oil should I get?” especially if you have never bought one. Low-quality massage oils tend to smell bad after a while or may even feel too sticky.

Other than massage oils, tools like stones, rollers, or even a therapy gun can effectively release muscle tension. 

That’s why it’s essential to choose good quality oils and tools when it comes to massages. This article will talk about the best massage oils, tools, and the benefits of getting a massage.

Benefits of Getting Massages 

Massages aren’t just relaxing, but also offer plenty of other benefits. Getting a massage once every three weeks is ideal. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the massages, as it can stress your body.

Here are some benefits of getting massages:

Reduces Stress

Tensed-up muscles are one of the many symptoms of stress. They can leave you feeling uncomfortable and cramped. Getting a massage can help relax these muscles.

Massages are also very therapeutic, which can be great for reducing stress. If you’re feeling burned out or have had a stressful week, getting a massage might be good for you.

Helps with Sore Muscles 

If you are an athlete or work out daily, chances are you often end up with sore muscles. This can be painful to deal with and might affect your daily activities. 

Getting a massage twice a month is a great way to give your sore muscles some relief. 

Improves Circulation 

Getting a massage can help with blood circulation due to the friction between your skin and the masseuse’s fingers. A massage helps increase blood flow around sore muscles. This is great if you have tight or painful muscles.

Massages can also help swelling go down since it helps to drain lymph nodes. Swelling in certain areas occurs when the lymph nodes are blocked, and specific massage techniques help drain them.

More Energy

Getting a massage may also make you feel more energetic since it’s helping your body relax. 

Having aching muscles may make you feel less active and can also affect some people’s way of life. Since massages help your body feel much looser, you may feel like you have more energy to get things done. 

May Help with Anxiety

Although there isn’t much research to back this claim, massages may be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety. Massages are very therapeutic and can help anxious people feel calmer. 

Using scented oils like lavender can add to the experience, making one feel at ease. Getting a massage is also a form of self-care, so make sure to treat yourself to one now and then.

Top 10 Massage Oils

Massage oils can not only keep your skin soft, but they make the entire experience far more relaxing. 

You might feel confused about which massage oil to buy, especially if you’ve never gotten one before. Here are some of the best massage oils that you should try.

1. Hibiscus Oil

Hibiscus is known for its pretty red petals and unique shape, but did you know that you can also use its oil for massages? 

This is an excellent option for massages since it has a great consistency and a pleasant scent. Another reason why hibiscus oil is great for massages is that it has many benefits.

Hibiscus oil is full of antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties, which are excellent for sore muscles. If you have dry skin on your body, hibiscus oil is great for moisturizing. 

This oil can be great for massages during the winters, as it will help keep your dry skin hydrated. 

2. Jojoba Oil

Another great massage oil for people with dry skin, jojoba oil, is great for keeping your skin moisturized. Jojoba oil has a very long shelf life and has a slightly nutty smell to it. 

The oil also has antibacterial properties, so if you suffer from conditions like back acne, this is an excellent pick for you.

This is also a great pick for people who have eczema, as jojoba oil can help soothe it. Getting massages with jojoba oil is great for your skin.

3. Lavender Oil

 Lavender oil is an excellent pick if you’re getting a massage to relieve stress. We all know and love the strong floral scent of lavender, but it also has many other benefits. 

Using lavender oil can help you feel calmer because of its fragrance, which may help you relax more.

Studies show that lavender oil may even have healing properties, so if you have a sports injury, make sure to massage it with this floral oil. It is also great for treating sunburns as it has anti-inflammatory properties, so if you’ve spent too much time out in the sun, make sure to get a lavender oil massage.

4. Almond Oil

 Almonds are delicious and full of benefits, and their oil is great for massages. It has a sweet, nutty scent and the perfect consistency for long relaxing massages. Not only does almond oil have anti-Inflammatory properties, but it is also rich in vitamin E.

This is another excellent oil for treating eczema and dry skin, as it keeps your skin moisturized. If you need a long soothing massage, almond oil is a great pick. 

5. Sunflower Oil

 Sunflowers have pretty yellow petals, and their seeds make delicious snacks. But sunflower oil is chock full of benefits and great for massages. Sunflower oil contains Omega-6 acids, which can aid the production of new skin cells. 

It can also help with inflammation and redness in your body since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. The oil itself has a bright yellow color and a somewhat neutral scent. 

6. Fractionated Coconut Oil

 Regular coconut oil is super healthy and used for both cooking and skincare. But when it comes to massages, fractionated coconut oil is the way to go. It has a thicker consistency than most oils, making it great for deep muscle massages.

It also doesn’t have the strong coconut smell that the normal oil tends to have. Another benefit of fractionated coconut oil is that it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If you want super soft skin and effective deep muscle massages, this oil is the best pick for you.

7. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is usually used in cooking Asian cuisines, but it is also perfect for your skin. It can protect your skin from UV rays, so if you play sports in the sun, make sure to get sesame oil massages. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for massaging any swelling that you may have.

Another benefit of sesame oil is that it is chock full of vitamin E, which is excellent for the skin. Sesame oil has a sweet and nutty scent, which leaves you smelling great as well.

8. Cocoa and Shea Butter

Cocoa and shea butter have been used in body-care products for many years since they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Using cocoa and shea butter for massages is ideal if you only want a specific area massaged. Usually found in solid form, you can melt this butter into oil.

On their own, they have a light sweet scent but can be mixed with essential oils like citrus or sage. This is another excellent pick for dry skin, as cocoa and shea butter are both very moisturizing. 

9. Apricot Kernel Oil

Made from the seeds of apricots, this oil is light and great for massages. It can be stored for a very long time and has a light yet sweet scent. Apricot kernel oil can help your skin get softer, so if you have calloused hands or feet from sports or exercise, get them massaged with this oil.

Using apricot kernel oil nourishes your skin and is perfect for longer, more relaxing massages. It is also rich in vitamin C and E, which can help brighten up your skin.

10. Anti-Stress Massage Oil

If you’ve been working hard all week or need some time to de-stress and relax, choose a lovely anti-stress massage oil. These oils contain lavender, chamomile, and sage, which are all great for stress relief. Using an anti-stress oil has many benefits, such as softening your skin and making your muscles feel more relaxed.

Try out this de-stress massage oil from Elemis, which smells heavenly and is very moisturizing. It contains a blend of rosemary, geranium, and marjoram essential oils to help ease your nerves with aromatherapy. Get a long relaxing massage once a week with this oil to relax your tensed muscles and calm your stressed-out mind. 

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Best Massage Tools

Along with using good quality oils, massage tools can help with sore muscles and aching joints. There are many you can choose from, but here are the top 3 tools you can add to your massage basket.

Therapy Gun

A therapy gun is great for giving yourself quick yet effective massages. The vibrations help ease sore muscles and help your body recover faster. Therapy guns are also portable, so you can take them with you when you travel.

The Exogun is a great pick since it’s got a powerful motor yet is quiet and gives excellent results. 

It comes with four different attachments and can be set to 6 speeds, which you can customize according to your preference. Another great thing about this product is its sleek design and a comfortable non-slip grip.

Recommended by many Olympians and athletes, this is an excellent massage tool. 

Massage Stones 

Hot stone massages have been popular for many years because they are relaxing and help ease soreness. These heated stones are usually made of volcanic rocks and are placed down your back and behind your legs. Using hot stones while getting a massage can also help rid your body of harmful toxins.

Make sure not to heat the stones to extremely high temperatures as it can cause burns. If you buy massage stones, do some research beforehand so you can use them safely.

Other than hot stones, you can use a gua sha for facial massages. These are flat and thin stones usually made of crystals like rose quartz. You use these by applying oil to your skin and then sliding the stone along the contours of your face.

A gua sha can help drain lymph nodes, reduce bloating, and give you the appearance of a more defined face structure.

Massage Rollers

These are usually made of a soft yet sturdy material like foam and are very effective for easing back pain. If you don’t have anyone who can give you a massage, you can always do it yourself using a roller. Place it on the floor and lay with you back on top of the roller, moving back and forth so that it rolls against your back.

Some massage rollers even have ridges on them so they can hit your pressure points while you use them. You can even use massage rollers on the back of your legs to ease pulled or sore muscles. This tool is excellent for athletes that require massages but don’t have time to get them.

You can even find rollers in materials like wood if you like having much deeper and firm massages. Massage rollers are a great tool for stretching out your legs and back as well.

Final Words

We all need a good massage now and then, whether it’s to relax tense muscles or to indulge in a bit of self-care. No matter which oil you use, or if you use tools like a therapy gun, one thing is certain: massages are relaxing!

We hope this article helps you find the perfect massage oil that works for you.