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Why are Portable (Handheld) Deep-tissue Massagers Better?

Our bodies are pretty fascinating when we come to think of them. They react to our actions and communicate to us through adrenaline, gut feelings, and aches. 

Have you ever noticed how a simple workout can leave you sore? Or, have you experienced muscle hardening even when you're relaxing?

When our body is stressed out or suffering, it shows.

The good news is, a deep-tissue massage can soothe your muscles, reduce chronic pains, and even make your skin look better. But, why spend on physical therapy or invest in an average massager when you can get your own portable deep-tissue massage?

A handheld deep-tissue massage can change the way you feel about massages. Keep reading to find out why.


5 Reasons Why Portable Deep-tissue Massager are Better

Percussion massage therapy eases the tension in your muscles and helps you relax. It also reduces excessive cellulite in your skin to get rid of dimpled skin.

Research shows that vibration therapy is more effective in reducing pain than normal massages. This type of massage is done using a deep-tissue massager. But, what makes them better, you might think.

Here are five reasons why a handheld massager gun can do wonders.

1- Portable

If you are addicted to regular massages or want to experience one, it can be annoying to visit a spa. You have to:

  • Check the availability of the place 
  • Get an appointment
  • Walk or drive to the spa 
  • And finally, wait for your turn 

Obviously, you can't go through all that pain before hitting the gym every day. Moreover, you certainly wouldn't want to go through all this trouble with sore muscles.

That is where a portable deep tissue massage plays its role. 

You can take your deep tissue massager directly to the gym with you, especially since it has been proven that deep-tissue massages are also a good pre-workout! You can even use it at home to relax your muscles.

2- Inexpensive

Handheld massager guns are usually cheaper than normal deep-tissue massagers, for example, you can get the Exogun Dreampro for $149 only against $500 with some other brands. Besides, a personal massaging device will also save you the cost and trouble of getting someone else to help you. 

If you go for massages once in a while, a deep-tissue massager will be a one-time investment for you. 

You can use the device whenever, wherever, without second thoughts. In other words, getting a portable massager is like taking control of your body.

3- Lightweight

Portable deep-tissue massagers are lighter than other massaging devices. They mostly weigh under 3lbs, which makes them super convenient to use and control.

They usually tend to be as effective as a pricey percussion therapy session.

4- Efficient

If you are thinking about how well a handheld unit might perform a deep tissue massage, well enough to go viral. 

They're as efficient as normal massagers, with the advantage of being lightweight and portable. 

Furthermore, massager guns come with interchangeable attachments and speed settings for different modes of massages. 

You will find attachments for massaging sensitive areas or putting greater pressure on specific points for faster recovery.

5- Easy to Use

Perhaps unsurprisingly, getting a massage from a masseuse is not everyone's cup of tea. If you would bear pain rather than coming to terms with the concept of a stranger massaging you, you're not alone.

A personal massaging device might be the solution. 

Handheld massager guns are straightforward to use. You just have to attach your desired attachment, turn on the massager gun, and get massaging.

It's that simple. 

You can also experiment with the various attachments and adjust the speed as you go, for better control.

The 5 Best Handheld Deep-tissue Massagers

Now that you know all the benefits of a portable massage gun, let us introduce you to the five best handheld massager guns in the market. 

These massagers are cost-effective in their price categories, making comfort accessible for everyone.

1- Exogun DreamPro Deep-Tissue Massager

EXOGUN is a US-based company with the goal of uplifting the generation of athletes who break boundaries to achieve their goals. It is trusted by the pros to deliver recovery and achieve long-term pain relief.

The company believes that fitness is for everyone, and supporting fitness lovers can bring a change in the world of fitness.

The ExoGun DreamPro Deep-Tissue Massager is a stylish massager gun weighing as light as 2.5 lbs.

It helps relax muscles, relieve pain, improve blood circulation throughout the body so you can achieve reduced anxiety and fatigue.

ExoGun is a lightweight, wireless, and ultra-quiet massage gun. You can take it with you to the gym, work, and practically everywhere. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use and reach difficult spots on the body.

It makes use of light, repetitive strokes that penetrate your body for deeper healing. The massager effectively improves blood circulation for muscle treatment and pain relief. It also helps you warm-up before a workout for enhanced performance.

ExoGun comes with a free carrying case so you can easily fit it in your gym bag or backpack.

You can set the power of the massager for intense recovery to release the fatigue of a whole day. With four different attachments, you can get precise massages and target the crucial spots. 

The head attachments include:

  • Flat Head 
  • Round Head
  • Fork Head 
  • Bullet Head

Price: $149

2- Theragun G3Pro

Theragun emerged as a company to extend the benefits of percussive therapy and change lives. The Theragun G3PRO is a professional-level massager gun. It can go 60% deeper into the muscle as compared to an average massager. 

The high-end massage gun offers multiple grip angles for a better and deeper therapeutic experience. 

The triangular handle makes it easy for you to reach your whole body without strain.

You can enhance your performance, soothe pains, and recover faster with Theragun G3Pro. 

Additionally, the massager gun is compatible with the Theragun app that helps you pick the right heads and techniques for different parts of the body.

The massager gun comes with six head attachments that are easy to clean. The head attachments include:

  • Dampener
  • Large ball
  • Standard ball
  • Wedge 
  • Thumb
  • Cone

You can choose between standard and lighter speed settings for a more customized experience.

The package also includes an extra battery, a travel case, and an Attachment Pouch as well.

Price: $499

3- Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Gun

Hyperice is another fitness brand based in the US that produces massager guns, fitness rollers, vibration wearables, and more. 

The company uses cutting-edge technology to innovate portable designs that are perfect for trainers on the go.

Hypervolt is a powerful and lightweight percussion massager that will reinvent the massaging experience for you.

The versatile machine ensures active therapeutic sessions with pressure sensor technology.

Hypervolt is perfect for reducing muscle soreness, improves blood circulation, and stimulates tissue recovery. It uses Quiet Guide technology for a noise-free experience.

You get five different head attachments to stimulate different parts of your body along with adjustable speed intensity. 

The head attachments include:

  • Flat Head
  • Fork Head
  • Bullet Head
  • Round Head
  • Cushion Head

Price: $349

4- Exerscribe VYBE Premium Percussion Massage Gun

Located in California, Exerscribe is a part of BFR Bands with the aim of sharing people's passion for fitness and health. 

The team combines the latest technology with unmatched customer service to help people in reaching their fitness aspirations.

VYBE Premium Massage Gun is powerful and quiet at the same time. The machine produces strong percussion vibration that penetrates deep inside the body to remove aches and muscle knots.

VYBE features a compact design with a premium exterior finish for a polished look. The portable massager promises pro-level recovery with powerful features and five speeds for efficiency. 

Moreover, the brushless DC motor with double bearing transmission relaxes your body without making a noise.  

The massager gun comes with four interchangeable attachments that target different parts of the body. 

The head attachments include:

  • Knot Buster
  • Large ball 
  • Knot Blaster
  • Wishbone

Price: $299

5- WASAGUN Massage Gun

WASAGUN manufactures high-performance massage guns for the ultimate massage experience for users of all levels. 

The company delivers consistent quality at affordable prices to make comfort available for everyone.

WASAGUN Portable Massage Gun features a convenient and straightforward design that makes it suitable for all kinds of users. The massager gun is super lightweight and easy to use.

It loosens tight muscles, relieves muscle fatigue and soreness, and speeds up the recovery time for deep relaxation. 

Moreover, the noise reduction technology and brushless low-noise motor minimize noise without compromising on performance.

The LED battery indicator on the gun indicates power usage, so you know when it's time to charge your device. 

You can choose from three speed-intensities to meet different massaging needs. The four head attachments help you stimulate different muscle areas in your body.

The head attachments include:

  • Fork Head
  • Round Head
  • Flat Head 
  • Bullet Head 

Price: $199


We hope our article helps you find your perfect handled portable deep tissue massager. Before choosing a handheld massager gun, consider its power, battery life, and type of attachments. 

Keep in mind, you don't need a massage with too much pressure if you only need it to go to sleep. ExoGun DreamPro is an ideal massager that fits different massaging needs, from intense to light massages. 

We also advise you to purchase the product from trusted dealers to avoid sham.